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Mid-Table Finish? (And Grandstand Discussion)

Jul 6, 2011
xmastree":197mz05b said:
briangreen":197mz05b said:
xmastree":197mz05b said:
briangreen":197mz05b said:
FordGreen":197mz05b said:
It doesn't matter a single jot what this poll or that poll says, does it? It all comes down to what the Council Planning Committee decide so let's not get our proverbial knickers in a twist over this again, shall we? :roll:

You're right, but I think the planners have already decided to push it through mostly because of associated city investment (ie the Pavillions).
I have nothing in principle against the basic plans, it will certainly be an improvement on the present situation and Brent has stated (on record) that the capacity will be enlarged if the club is successful. If you trust the man then there is no problem, if you don't then you wont trust any businessman because going by reputation he's the cream of the crop.

Final sentence - whilst there are certainly a great many businessmen who are significantly less trustworthy, the "by reputation he's the cream of the crop" is a bit of a wild and unqualified assertion and not one I would agree with.

Why, have you checked him out? I have

I have, I know several business people who have had dealings with him, I've heard some complimentary things, and I haven't said I don't trust him. I am merely challenging your suggestion that effectively businessmen don't come more trustworthy than James Brent. There are some I would trust more. That's all.

and many I would trust a lot less, the general consensus concerning JB seems to be 'This is a man I can do business with.' and that has to be only good for Argyle.