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Jun 28, 2006
He reminds me of a guy I used to play with. He’d run around toward you, away from you twist and turn. The trouble we had was constantly moving away from him trying to create space. When he lost the ball we were often all over the place. Invariably easy pickings.

I’ve never doubted Mayor’s ball control but end product seems to be the theme for most peoples frustration including me.
Feb 8, 2009
I must admit to being frustrated DM didn't score last night, but all this stuff about him just running round in circles is nonsense. He creates a lot of space for others and makes things happen. The focus should be on why he and others had a total of 27 shots and failed to score and that's not counting failure to shoot at all by some players.
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Oct 5, 2013
I think it can be summed up he isn't a bad player as people suggest. He has got pace and beat a player for fun. However he has no end product and that's what people get angry and frustrated about. I watched the Wycombe game and tbh he was not the worst player on the pitch far from it. But he gets chances and wastes them.
For me we are simply a better more winning team with Broom in than with Mayor in. The stats seem to back this up.
Apr 9, 2004
LA NY or Cuckfield
I love watching Danny but it would appear after 100 appearances he is all fur coat and no knickers. That said off the bench he is a good option but he should be so much more. The man is an enigma for sure.
Jan 27, 2012
The manager was absolutely stupid to say that Mayor is better than Carey. That raised expectations among fans- we were expecting some sort of superstar.

If Mayor had signed without any hype, then I don't think fans would be so critical of him. He was a League Two midfielder who had spent many years with Bury. Not a high profile signing.

Give the bloke a break. He is what he is.
Feb 9, 2021
The problem is when Mayor picks up the ball, he usually keeps it until he has got nowhere left to turn (or gets tackled).

He doesn't pick the right pass to the right teammate at the most opportune time. He offloads the ball when he can no longer do it by himself, when outmanouvred by a defender, to whoever happens to be there, usually Conor Grant.

He is such a quality player, magnificent at what he does, but he needs to mix it up a bit. Our 90 minute match doesn't need to be all about him travelling with the ball and slaloming past players.

All that dribbling often ends up in a 15 yard pass to a player who is quite tightly marked and can't do a lot with it - but 5-10 seconds before it could have been a forty yard pass to a player in a lot of space.
That is the best post I've seen this season
Sums up Danny exactly hence why Broomy suits our team and other flourish through early passes
Well done Knibbs!!
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Jun 28, 2006
Someone else posted this on another thread that I can’t find now. I think it sums up the way I feel anyway.

“Watching Danny Mayor dribbling with the ball and then shooting is like watching a top artist complete a brilliant picture and then knock a pot of paint over it. I don’t even get excited anymore as you know what’s coming.”
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memory man

NHS Cake Donor
Nov 28, 2011
I love watching Danny but it would appear after 100 appearances he is all fur coat and no knickers. That said off the bench he is a good option but he should be so much more. The man is an enigma for sure.
Anyone know how many assists he has in addition to his four goals? I've always felt he is a real crowd-pleaser but with no end product. I saw nothing last evening that changes that view. If he does have a role, then perhaps it is an impact sub.
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May 27, 2019
Sadly, it would seem that the lack of any real, consistent end product in Danny Mayor's game is the main reason why he has spent most of his career in the lower reaches of the football league. He’s 31 now, I can only see him dropping back down to L2 when he leaves Argyle.