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Oct 31, 2010
Argyle 1 - 1 Crewe
Hardie 72. Kashket 2.

Attn: 11,138.

The unbeaten run continues.

It was another frustrating Tuesday night, a game we should have won had we converted the many chances we created, 26 shots on goal but only 5 on target tells its own story.
The players looked jaded and put in a big shift against a Crewe team who came to spoil and battle but also play football. The game was also a story of injuries, stop-start and probably our first ever concussion sub when Wilson had to go off after being hit in the face by the ball just before half time.

We conceded a very early goal, it looked a freak goal they was meant to be a cross but ended up in the net from a tight angle with Cooper not moving - did he miss the ball in the lights?
On the plus side we played great attacking football in the first half, we were all over Crewe, however we just couldn't create a clear cut chance.
Another 10,000+crowd as well.

Gillesphey replaced Galloway in the only change from the Doncaster game.

After the light show had finished it was time for some football.

The game was just a few minutes old when Crewe took the lead. Kashket attempted a cross into the box from near the byline and somehow the ball ended up in the net with Cooper standing still and appearing to miss the ball completely.

Argyle responded with Camara running the midfield, his energy was causing problems for Crewe.
Jephcott had a chance well saved, Hardie shot just wide and Broom also had an effort fly wide of the post.

The left side of the team probed and passed, a feature was Gillesphey's pin point passes, usually onto a run made by Hardie.
Broom and Grant were combining well until Grant picked up an injury and had to go off, no worries, we have a ready made left wing-back in Ryan Law but instead Jordon Garrick was chosen to play on the left, this meant in Broom and Garrick we now had two right-footed players on the left.
After Grant was subbed we lost a lot of our momentum with Garrick usually turning back onto his right foot and passing inside.
Once Crewe weathered the pressure they started to come out of their shell. Cooper made three fantastic saves - one from a long range shot and two from close range.

Just before half time Wilson took a ball into his face as it was smacked clear.

Galloway replaced Wilson for the second half as a concussion sub - two are allowed per game plus the usual 3 subs. Gillesphey shuffled across to the right side of the three man defence.

We huffed and puffed during the second half but the clear chances would not arrive.
Crewe were happy to contain or fall down injured and turn it into a scrappy game.

Garrick was still struggling and Law was stripped and ready to come on when Garrick played a superb pass down the flank for Broom to run onto, his cross found Hardie who stabbed the ball home from near the penalty spot. 1-1 and Law sat back down.

The expected late charge from Argyle didn't arrive, the players looked jaded, Law did finally come on for Jephcott with Garrick moving up front.
Hardie was subbed for Agard and the team still tried hard to create one final clear chance but it wasn't to be.

The opportunity to win the game was during the first 30 minutes of the first half, despite us losing at that point.
The waves of attacks should have yielded at least one goal.

Although Hardie scored his pace was nullified by a team playing deep, Hardie's pace is perfect for away games where the opposition attack and push up but not so lethal in home games with a team like Crewe leave no space behind them.
He and Jephcott were not at their best, it was left to the two number 8s to push the team forward - if Broom and Camara play well the team plays well.

Gillesphey did ok, his passing is pretty good but he is liable to the odd mistake which is what fans remember.
Houghton probed and passed, he picked up an injury but carried on.

Garrick was a mistake at left wing-back and that decision doesn't look good on Law, it was however rectified late in the game.

Some of the players looked really tired, the squad isn't big enough to use the rotation of players.

What is it about Tuesday games?

Man of the match: Camara or Broom, take your pick.

Cooper 7, Wilson 6, Scarr 6, Gillesphey 6, Houghton 7, Edwards 7, Camara 8, Broom 8, Grant 7, Jephcott 5, Hardie 6. Subs- Garrick 6, Law 6, Galloway 7, Agard n/a.

Screenshot_20210928-220952_BBC Sport.jpg
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Apr 8, 2011
We do need to be a smarter when it comes to breaking teams down but to be honest, I’m fine with that point. We’ve had a busy schedule, we look a bit jaded, and yet we’ve still refused to lie down and lose a game we’d have probably fluffed last season. 9 unbeaten is quality.

Metal Green Mickey

NHS Volunteer Supporter
Mar 14, 2009
Similar to saturday really. This time the luck deserted us and the ball just wouldn’t go for us.

The first half was end to end. We had chances. They had chances. Cooper made some very good saves at 0-1 to keep us in it. The first 20 mins of that half, apart from their goal, we were all over them. Yet as the goal never came they grew into it.

The second half we dominated. We just were too slow at times in possession. We need to increase the tempo of our passing because sometimes the opposition gets a chance to reset before we exploit the gaps.

l‘m a bit bemused by the Garrick sub for Grant. As a club we go on about our youth players. Say we have confidence in them but when it comes to the crunch we used somebodies else’s youth team player. For me tonight was a perfect opportunity to give Law more game time. If you not going to use him in that type of situation, when will you?

The wing back positions are still an issue. We consistently get in decent positions but we don’t play the wing backs who consistently get to the byline to give the team width. Edwards late in the second half did it but that was his one and only moment. We have a wing back system without proper wing backs and unless a Broom provides the spark, like tonight, then we struggle in this areas.

Which brings me onto Camara. One of my favourite players. Will run through a brick wall for you. I’ve said this before but his composure with his final pass or shot is just lacking. It’s such a shame but as l am critical of Mayor for a lack of end product l have to be the same with Camara.

Overall, l just feel this team is just a bit too slow on the ball. It needs to move the ball a little quicker at times. It needs better options out wide. I feel as the season unfolds, the question will be can Mayor and G Cooper come back in the team to give us that width but not unbalance it.

We also need the midfield to start chipping in with goals. We can’t keep relying on Hardie.

Another good game, which l felt we could with some justification of won that with abit of better fortune.
May 17, 2012
Good point. There is competence all across this team. Garrick was fish out of water at left wing back though. Great recovery from Cooper who was at fault for the goal. houghton MOM for me.
Sep 18, 2010
Disjointed performance - again. But will take a point. Dreadful start with Cooper making a howler by letting it straight in from well out wide, but made amends of sorts with some decent stops later in the first half.
Argyle huffed and puffed - but just seem to be lacking something.
Pan - I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when he runs with the ball. It’s kinda comical at times and one day he will score from distance - top bins.
Crewe looked decent and had a go - just like Doncaster- shows this league is very tight from top to bottom.
Broom was a Dynamo. Love his energy and must be a nightmare to play against. Easily MoM. No one else came close.
Hope Wilson is ok after his concussion - rumour has it the ball was more concussed!!!
Shout out to Mr Hallett for celebrating the outstanding work of our NHS and providing free tickets. Classy. Well done Mr Chairman.
Loved the pre match light show and accompanying music.
All round a strange evening, but we move on to Saturday now and Lincoln where I am sure we will get back on track. COYG.
Feb 26, 2012
I was sitting in 1b in the lower Mayflower...Crewe's goal was a complete fluke. Meant to be a driven cross but found the gap between Cooper and the near post. There was nothing Cooper could do as the ball was travelling too fast and he was wrong footed. You will probably see me in the highlights with my hands on my head behind their celebrating players shouting 'you flukey chap' (or similar).
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Dec 23, 2010
A good but frustrating performance. We created lots of chances and should definitely of scored more.

Its always going to be difficult when you’re forced into making 2 changes by half time. Completely disrupted our rhythm. Not sure why Garrick came on to play on his weaker side? Law would of made more sense.

Ryan Broom was excellent. Buzzing around like a bee, he never stops running and working. His goal will come. If Camara’s technical ability matched his energy and work rate he’d be playing in the Premier League.

Cooper - 6
Edwards - 4
Wilson - 6
Scarr - 6
Gillesphey - 7
Grant - 6
Houghton - 6
Camara - 7
Broom - 9
Hardie - 7
Jephcott - 5

Garrick - 6
Galloway - 6
Law - 6
Agard - N/A
Feb 15, 2005
Enjoyable and frustrating game we could have won or lost. Coops was at fault for their goal, what was he doing? He made some good saves and redeemed himself. Garrick seemed lost and maybe doesn’t know the other players yet??
Aug 11, 2013
I think some earlier tactical substitutions would have won us this game. The Garrick sub was a strange one given Law was very good in his cameo last time out and grabbed a goal too. Very odd decision and still not sold on Garrick to be honest.
This game was crying out for Agard for last 20 minutes - I feel that would have lifted the crowd and got us over the line. Instead we bumbled along where nothing really fell for us and the sub came too late. The crowd got quieter and one felt a sickening last minute winner for them might be on the cards. That looked to be in the script.

A point was part frustrating part relief in the end but I was left wondering what might have been.

The Tuesday night curse, which started in a November 2020, continues … still no wins.

A lot of the players need to put what Pan and Broomy put in their tea because we’d be out of sight with that energy throughout the team. Too many looked knackered.
Oct 31, 2015
Enjoyable game and we played better than we did on Saturday.

Loads of chances but only Ryan had the coolness to finish one.

WTF was their goal about😳😳How on earth did that go in? I need to see it again.
Law showed more than Garrick and should have come on first.

I hop Willow is ok. I think he got knocked out by his reaction when he came around. That was some smash in the head😳.

Broomy was just superb. Easily MOM .

Some will think 2 points liost but O was ok with the draw and effort after that horrible start.

A couple of worries.
We need goals from the midfield and defence.
What's happened to our tight defence. 4 goals conceded in a week when previously we were really tight.
Garrick doesn't do it for me I'm afraid.

Recoup and go again.

Green Army
Mar 7, 2010
Thought we actually played far better than on Saturday but still got lucky when Crewe missed a couple of very presentable chances at 0-1...I say missed I mean saved by Cooper really.
There are a couple of players who had good games tonight but could do with working on their shooting: Camara was excellent again at almost everything, but had to lace that ball through the area when it fell to him first half rather than trying to pass it into the net. Broom was good too, but went over the bar I think three times. Needed to work their keeper more.
Didn't feel any of the shouts second half were penalties.
Overall we'll play much worse and win. Feel Agard may be due a bit longer to affect the game.
Dec 23, 2010
I think it’s a bit harsh on Garrick. We haven’t seen him in his best position, as a right winger.

We signed him for his utility, being able to play as a ST or Wingback if needs be, but I’d be willing to bet he’s never played left wingback before. Bit of a strange one by Lowe.
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May 1, 2006
Considering Garrick seemed to be played out of position I actually thought he did well tonight, some very positive powerful runs forward, there's definitely a good player in there IMO.
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Jan 25, 2011
bishops stortford
Yep, a few tired legs out there this evening unable to unlock the Crewe defence, apart from another cool Hardie finish so we'll take 4 points out 6 and triple 2nd. Not sure about the fitness/return dates for Ennis, Mayor and Cooper but will obviously give us fresh legs, options, when they're on the pitch.