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2024/2025 Squad list

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Apr 3, 2013
Squad list & contract expiry dates
1: Michael Cooper - June 2025. Turns down new offer.
21: Conor Hazard - June 2026.
Zak Baker - June 2025. On loan at Parkway.
Julio Pleguezuelo - June 2025.
6: Dan Scarr - June 2025.
24: Saxon Earley - June 2025 with option of another year.
17: Lewis Gibson - Unknown.
37: Jack Matthews - June 2025.
3: Nathanael Ogbeta - Unknown. New signing.
22: Brendan Galloway - June 2026.
Wing-backs/full backs
8: Joe Edwards - June 2025.
2: Bali Mumba - June 2027.
29: Matthew Sorinola - Unknown.
4: Jordan Houghton - June 2025.
20: Adam Randell - June 2026.
Adam Forshaw - June 2025.
34: Caleb Roberts - June 2026.
Josh Bernard - June 2025.
Will Jenkins-Davies - June 2025.
18: Darko Gyabi - season long loan from Leeds United. New signing.
7: Ibrahim Cissoko - season long loan from Toulouse. New signing.
Number 10s
10: Morgan Whittaker - June 2027.
11: Callum Wright - June 2026.
Ben Waine - June 2025 with option of another year.
15: Mustapha Bundu - June 2025.
9: Ryan Hardie - June 2026.
35: Freddie Issaka - June 2028.
26: Muhamed Tijani - season long loan from Slavia Prague. New signing.

To be updated.
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Feb 2, 2005
It's been said on the other thread but Callum Burton leaves with our best wishes and welcome back anytime.

I'm not sold on Miller and wouldn't be upset if he left.

I would like to resign Galloway as he is a very good player and has shone at this level. But he is injury prone and our contract will probably reflect. Maybe in the basket case of a division someone will come in with a deeper pockets.

I think it's best for T Wright to move on. Sometimes things just dont work out.

We need more quality across the board.

We struggled up front after we lost Azaz and Hotdog and Morgs were just flogged because they were all we had.

See what happens come August!
Oct 10, 2018
Looking that list, mumba has to play as an out and out left winger as does Callum W on the right but I would loan him out from August - Oct to get more regular experience ref top 8 L1 club, like Barnsley. Sironola I believe can.be influential on either wing.

Whittaker if he stays has to play up front with Hardie if, he MW leaves Bundu retains that role.

Waine ( loan) August to Oct

Sign Kormora from Hudderfield, gives more physical presence and good linking back with MF

loan - Josh Colburn ( add extra energy, strength and a threat from midfield.

In MF need some more speed and attack, Randell, Houghton, forshaw are good at working hard and steeling posession but definitely lacking in fluidity, where I would like Femi A, Brannagan or Jodi Jones to come in from Reading, Oxford or Notts County.

Defensively is a huge concern, Scarr & Gibson definitely, Galloway if he signs, but apart from.that Miller too injury prone, pleggy not consistent enough.

So need at least 2 RB 2 LB & a CB or a versatile defender across the back.
Oct 10, 2018
10 players in, two loans out Waine and Callum W.

Release - Pleggy, T Wright,

Not offer contract extention to Miller.
Oct 10, 2018
Ref Joe E, I.would like to see if played in a sitting role between defence and midfield, feels has the energy and experience to be really effective in this role.
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