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Plymouth Argyle Transfer Rumours

Apr 7, 2020
Work with a Gillingham fan and from what he's heard he is off so might be something in this.
Sep 20, 2005
Would be the exact type of striker we need to complement what we already have. Gillingham have rejected bids for him. Could be something in it.
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Feb 24, 2007
Would be a fantastic type of player we need to hustle and win balls in and around the box.
Alongside Ennis or Hardie would be formidable


Dec 7, 2021
If we offered him a deal, would he say:
Please Sir, can I have some more?'

He’d need a lot more looking at the size of him!!

Would like to see how a guy with this type of body frame changed the dynamic of our team. Lowe didn’t want this type of player but l think it would compliment a Ryan Hardie well in a partnership.

What l will say is with his back to goal, Garrick was trying to hold the ball up at times. I really would like to sign him permanently as the pace he offers up down the channels, like a Hardie, helps us get up the pitch.
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