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France 14 Gibraltar 0FT


Jul 17, 2023
Money for Gib team. There will always be a few whipping boys who will not progress due to population size however there are teams who used to get mullered can now give 'top' teams a hard time. look at the cricket WC Afghanistan finished above England and WI's didn't even qualify. Personally got no problems with these games.
Dec 30, 2020
I don't really get why Gibraltar makes such a fuss about being part of the UK and then demands its own separate football team?

We could reduce the tedium of these international weeks by 1) making the minnows play qualifiers meaning they at least earn the right to say they played against Mbappe or whoever and 2) restricting international football to full UN member states
Another thought.

Who gets to decide who are the "Minnows" or under what criteria you're judged as such.

There's probably Clubs in the Championship that regard us as Minnows or have already placed us in "the likes of" category.

I'm sure a plum 3rd Round FA Cup draw would see us described as underdogs enjoying our Cup Final despite only being a League behind the top Clubs.

Look how England struggled to impress against the minnows that are Malta.

I guess you'd do it the same way that coefficients are decided. Perhaps the clubs in the fourth tier of the Nations League might need to pre-qualify for instance.

It works reasonably well in qualifying rounds for European club competitions - the clubs from the smallest nations play each other in the early rounds, and are gradually filtered out as the qualifying process progresses. And sometimes minnows make it all the way to the real thing: there's a Faroese club in the Europa Conference League group stages these year. A well-coached small team will always be able to give a respectable account of itself. But they don't have to compete on a level playing field with Bayern Munich and Manchester City right from the start.

It's not a perfect comparison because there are many more clubs than nations, but it shows that it's doable.
Off topic slightly, but I notice Luxembourg have had a surprisingly good qualifying campaign. I wonder where that came from?

They're an interesting case - they always get lumped in with Liechtenstein and San Marino, but their population is not actually too implausibly small to sustain a decent football team (it's about double that of Iceland, and we all know what they're capable of). I'm sure they'll qualify for something one day.
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