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Dave Smith RIP

Oct 31, 2015
Jesus I've missed this bit of news. Now here is a Greens legend.

RIP cider man. You will always be remembered.

Thoughts with the family.

Boy what a week🥺
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Mar 14, 2011
RIP Ciderman
Aug 31, 2006
My first Argyle manager. He also presented me with my 'O' level certificates. I went to Tamar High and our Head Master, Ray Rose, used to do the Argyle commentary for the blind at the games. He had a word with Dave Smith and asked him if he would like to present the leaving 5th form (Class of 86) their exam certificates. Great man RIP
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Sep 30, 2004
Very sad, can only echo the thoughts of most on here, a true gent in every sense.

I'd have been 12, travelling up North (may have been Barnsley) to an away game, my Argyle scarf hanging out the window of my fathers Ford Orion and we pulled alongside the Argyle coach on the M1, DS must have spotted us, jumped out of his seat and started doing a jig in the isle of the coach, clenching his fist towards us.
We raced on ahead and were parked up ready to greet the players off the Coach, whether he recognised the face, the scarf or mere coincidence he wandered over, smiled and handed us two tickets for the main stand and thanked us for travelling.

Thanks for the memories Ciderman.
Jan 27, 2012
The recent Argyle Podcast episode on Dave Smith is worth listening to.
Like all Argyle Podcast episodes, its free.