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BBC Spotlight (again)


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Jan 17, 2017
Bovey Tracey
Its well known both Spotlight and Radio Devon are heavily pro Exeter as they're made up mostly of the few Exeter fans there are.

Still they're on a good run, give them some credit. I'm sure if we had won on Saturday they would have made a point of how good both teams are.

The important thing is come May when they report on "Exeter City once again lose at Wembley"
Feb 18, 2006
There was no mention of either last week on the late news after the FA Cup replays. Recorded spotlight and bbc Yorkshire in hope of seeing some highlights. Interestingly BBC Yorkshire mentioned the two 3-0 defeats for their clubs, Wednesday and Bradford, but no mention of either 3-0 victory for the two Spotlight clubs.
May 27, 2019
I have not watched Spotlight since a certain sports reporter asked me if I knew who she was when trying to push to the front of the queue in the Lipson Vale Esso as she had to get to the BBC in a rush. I don’t think she liked my response of ‘yes I do and I much prefer Hamish Marshall’.
Now for me, if it was say Gabby Logan trying to push in I would definitely allow it. Her dad was after all a former Wednesday manager (not a very good one but still). She was also a very good gymnast and still is a very good presenter.

If it was say Natalie Cornaaahhh , then she could wait her turn.

Not watching Spotlight in protest ever since is a bit extreme BigAlf. Tha needs t’ gerovverit. 😀
May 28, 2019
have not watched spotlight for a few years , mainly because you have put the channel on the old analogue terrestrial channel 1, i think there is not many people around who bother , it is a poor picture , i know i do not bother,as for argyle news, its all on the internet enough for me