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Any concerns about the upcoming season?


Jul 22, 2013
After watching the home pre-season friendlies against the 3 Championship sides, who were giving it the mild high press, the same major issue as last season was very apparent. Namely, trying to play the ball out from the back in ridiculously tight areas, and losing the ball, inviting scoring opportunities. It doesn't matter if you're Watts and Opoku or Wilson and Scarr, if that's our tactic to beat the high press then we will concede possession in dangerous areas and concede goals largely of our own making.
This major flaw would still be ok if beating the high press actually worked half a dozen times in a game and we score hatfuls of goals at the other end. I have seen scant evidence of this, in the 2 seasons under Lowe. Our goals were largely coming from Hollywood balls from George Cooper, instinct from Jephcott and guile from Hardie in League 2, and instinct from Jephcott, lung-busting runs from Edwards and outright ability from Ennis in League 1. I don't remember much in the way of counter-attack and opposition teams suddenly being outnumbered at the back.
Wilson, Scarr and Gillesphey look like much better defenders, but time will tell whether their greater ability to 'stop' will count when we present the ball to the opposition, time and time again.
I would obviously love to be proved wrong, but I see the same fatal flaw in our play, unfortunately.


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Jan 30, 2016
I think that we will end up just outside the playoffs as we will not score enough goals. We offer no threat from height except at corners.I hope that Lowe will bring in a taller forward.
Dec 23, 2010
It’s going to be a very tough league this year. Wigan will be stronger, Ipswich are splashing the cash and look strong, and then you have the usual suspects in Sunderland, Rotherham, Charlton. Sheffield Wednesday have kept the core of their squad, Wycombe will be no mugs and that’s not even mentioning the likes of Lincoln, Oxford and Portsmouth.

I’d feel more confident in guessing where we’ll finish once we’ve got these last two signings sorted. A right wing back with pace and a forward ( hopefully)!

I think we’ll finish somewhere between 14th-18th, but be fairly comfortable all season.
Sep 1, 2008
My view is that we'll have a slightly improved season over the last one. I don't think we'll be the walk over like we were at points last season, more likely that we'll lose by one or two goals here and there.
At times last season we actually played ok, as shown by a few of the results but it was those losing streaks that slid us towards the bottom of the table, cut them out and I think comfortable mid table, maybe if we get a bit of luck we could flirt with playoffs but that's me being hopeful.

Regarding the young defence last season, I would have been happy to see one of them return, as playing alongside an experienced player they could be an asset, but last season all of them were not much more than kids and had nobody to keep them together so mistakes were made and nobody was there to cover for this or point out what went wrong. A young player next to an old player will improve the youngsters game, but who were they learning from last season?


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Jan 4, 2011
Concerns? Not a bit of it. It’s season’s eve so you have to dream a bit today, don’t you? Relegation won’t be an issue this year, fully expect to see a decent improvement on last year - and most of all, just looking forward to seeing some games at the ground with fans there.