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Any concerns about the upcoming season?

Oct 23, 2013
I think that it is so hard to predict performance before the start of the season these days as there are so many personnel changes each summer given the financial constraints in the lower leagues. Yes we seem to have strengthened our defence but I am always wary re new signings until they have had a few games. There is always optimism with the assessment of any new signing and initial assessments are based upon friendlies, often against inferior opposition. "Seasoned pros" can quickly become "old has-beens" after a few league games.

Much will depend upon how much service we get to the forwards. We have three players up front who can all score. Many teams would kill for our options up front (even given the absence of a "target man"). Always optimistic at this time so I find it hard to imagine that we will struggle. That optimism, as in so many years previously, is based upon nothing really solid so wouldn't call it as a prediction. Lets see how the first few games go.
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Sep 8, 2013
As others have said, my main reservation is where the goals will come from and the creation of goal-scoring opportunities. Otherwise I feel confident that we will enjoy a more consistent season and be in the mid-table mix.
Jan 12, 2011
Exiled in Cornwall
My concern is that once again anyone showing any optimism, or you know.... support.... For the club, players or management, will be rounded on, bludgeoned, then buried under a mountain of negativity.
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Feb 13, 2021
New season clean slate- what is not to like

But some people bear grudges & cant let go of the past or particular hatred towards certain individuals which i find rather tiring

Last season has gone- the shortfalls have been addressed & we move on with this new improved team

Argyle Nutter

Zoe Cunningham
?? Sponsor
Jan 16, 2006
On the sunny side of the street
New season clean slate- what is not to like

But some people bear grudges & cant let go of the past or particular hatred towards certain individuals which i find rather tiring

Last season has gone- the shortfalls have been addressed & we move on with this new improved team
This for me, My only real hope is that the games are far more enjoyable than last year’s collapse, it’s no fun turning up expecting us to loose but hoping we would draw or even win didn’t cut it. I am looking forward to watching games with renewed optimism.
Jul 16, 2018
I’m concerned that we’ll just not have enough attacking threat. We relied so much on Jephcotts goals last season and he’ll most probably not score anywhere near those amount of goals . I just can’t see any of our current 3 strikers scoring 35 goals between them.

I predict a lower mid table finish around 14-16th.
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Aug 24, 2009
I cannot understand peoples expectations with views such as, same as last season, mid table finish etc. My prediction is we will win the league or at best automatic promotion. The pre season as shown us to have a solid defence and mid-field, My biggest concern is our strikers, are they good enough, we need two more because Jephcott is not good enough if pre season is anything to go by.
Feb 13, 2021
Why some people throw the towel in before the season as started is beyond me

Last season was hell but RL has done what so many of us cried out for during the train wreck of the final few months of last season

Why cant we wait & see what this new flourishing team can achieve before we put the dampers on it
Dec 30, 2020
I think we've improved our defence a lot and generally look like we've got a more experienced and physically/mentally tougher squad.

I worry though, that we are still a bit lightweight in central midfield, our wing backs don't look natural in the role and the slow pace of our play is easy to defend against (and a bit boring to watch). It feels like a very strong League 1 this season as well.

I'd predict us to be around the bottom 8 again, but I'm as enthusiastic as ever about the start of the new season and my predictions for Argyle are frequently and wildly wrong.


Jul 22, 2013
Like many have said, it gets harder to predict anything year on year because of the huge turnover of players at just about every club. With a couple of additions (striker and defensive cover) we look much stronger than last year. Having checked out the size and quality of other squads in our division we are at least on par.
There are lots of questions;

1) Will the new look defence "keep the back door shut" a lot more often than last year's?
2) Will we create enough chances?
3) Will Hardie and Jephcott find their scoring boots again?
4) Will Danny Mayor finally hit the goal and assist stats he should be hitting (a minimum of 10 combined)?
5) Will we be lucky with injuries?
6) Will George Cooper get fully fit and assisting?

If the answer to the top 3 questions is yes, we could sail into the play-offs. Without that, and support from 4-6, it will be another season of toil and frustration.

It's a really tough start, and let's not call in the doom-mongers on any of the above if we come away from Rotherham and Peterborough with a couple of heavy defeats. Of greater concern would be if we don't then pick up at least 4 points from the consecutive home matches against Gillingham and Cambridge.

I wish Ryan Lowe and the team all the very best for what will hopefully be a very good season.
Jul 20, 2019
Looking forward to seeing our young (and youngish) players being a year older and for most of them to be playing their second full season in league one. Cooper, Jephcott, Hardie, Ennis, Camara and to a certain extent G Cooper, the experience of last season should mean improved seasons for all of them.


Zoe Cunningham
?? Sponsor
Feb 24, 2007
Hopefully the better defence can allow us to be a little more fluid in attack.

Mar 14, 2009
For me it all comes down to Lowe’s tactics.

Some of the players feel shoehorned into positions and l feel it doesn’t help the team. The only width we have is our wing backs and they aren’t quick enough l feel. That’s how you hurt teams. From wide position.

The real conversation should be not the new defence. Its wether Lowe’s game tactics can improve. There were times we just watched the same mistakes again and again. He did nothing.

Although PSF’s results aren’t important they still help you try to get over your style of play. There still has been some suicidal balls from the defence into midfield and teams that press well have had their best chances from our players choosing the wrong option.

We might have more experienced defenders but if we are playing a similar slow, tippy tappy style then I fear for us because we will lose the ball too many times in our third of the pitch. I got no problem with possession football but its when it goes sideways and back it feels pointless unless your winning and seeing a game out.

Finally, the forward line. Ennis l think is fantastic. Hardie is decent. I’m not convinced with Jephcott. As we play we two forwards we need much better upfront If we going to really hurt teams.
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