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Where will we finish in L1 2021/2022?

Where will we finish in League One?

  • Champions

    Votes: 4 2.8%
  • Automatic promotion

    Votes: 3 2.1%
  • Win the play-offs

    Votes: 10 7.0%
  • Fail in the play-offs

    Votes: 6 4.2%
  • Just outside the play-offs

    Votes: 36 25.4%
  • Mid-table

    Votes: 62 43.7%
  • Just outside relegation

    Votes: 20 14.1%
  • Relegated

    Votes: 1 0.7%

  • Total voters
Jul 15, 2006
Kenton, Devon
I'd be happy if the gaffer sorts out our defensive frailties from last season, but I like to think we'll finish just above the mid-table spots: I'd say 10th-12th.


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Feb 24, 2007
A hold up experienced brute is needed up top to allow others to play off.

What’s Barry H doing these days 🤠
Apr 5, 2008
Need a huge improvement.Lucky he still has a job considering how woeful our form was last 3rd of season.


davie nine

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Jan 23, 2015
He made mistakes, particularly with regard to experience in defence. He knows that and he has addressed it.
Fortunately, you are not the owner; Simon Hallett knows that RL made mistakes last season and realises that that can happen to any comparatively new manager.
He now has a full season of experience in League 1, has made some shrewd signings, plans to give youth a chance if they are good enough and, although I cannot predict where we will finish, I am confident that it will be higher than last season and we certainly won’t concede 80 goals in this league.