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Use of players data

Nov 13, 2006
Plympton St M
There is an interesting article on the BBC (sorry can’t do the link) where 850 players led by Russell Slade have a class action seeking compensation for how their personal data has been used over the past six years. They claim it breaches GDPR rules. The article is not explicit, but I assume it refers to such things as how far they run in a match etc etc I.e their performances. It would appear that this data is being sold.

Simon Hallett has made a point about us being data driven, a lot of that I assume is in regards to opponents and recruitment. So are we buying/selling such performance data, in which case if the action succeeds we may need to pay compensation or higher prices for using that information. Does anyone have any idea how this works?

I also assume that the data we collect of our own players to assess their performances would be covered by normal contracts and be compliant to GDPR if used only in-house, though not if we sold that data?

I don’t get the sense that the initial targets are clubs like us, but it could have an impact in the future.

I would like to finish by saying all power to their elbow, if others are making money off their performance data it is not unreasonable that the players get something.