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There's a new advert.

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Nov 29, 2012
It's known as an 'exit ad' and we're trialing it.

Not exactly a pop up but it comes on the screen (occasionally) just before you exit the site.

The revenue is very good and it helps make up for the drop in numbers we suffer when international breaks come up.

Before anyone moans, we pay £14k to the people that host this site (with the bandwidth we use and the add ons) and as you know, we charge no one for membership.

We need to strike a balance. Hopefully we get it right but we can get it tweaked if we don't.

As my Nan used to say 'you get nowt for nowt in this world'.


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Oct 31, 2010
I am sure this will be moved to a more appropriate thread but I have started to notice a huge increase in pop up ads on this site - even if signed in. It is starting to feel like Plymouth Live. Is this a change of policy?

The adverts enable us to run the website, giveaway freebies and partly pay for the free tickets we giveaway to Pasoti members for each home game.
The new pop up advert (once per visit) is a trial.

Please don't compare us to Plymouth Live. 😃
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