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Rate the Ref v Crewe - Neil Hair

Rate the Ref v Crewe

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Site Owner
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Oct 31, 2010
Your thoughts, praise or criticism and marks out of 10 for tonight's referee Neil Hair.
Nov 13, 2006
Plympton St M
He was good. Got all the big decisions correct. More importantly he quietly but insistently controlled the game his way. And the players from both sides obeyed. When there was a counterattack he showed a good turn of both pace and direction to get into a superb position. I liked him. Not so sure about the Lyndie Lino, both on Saturday were better “assistants”.


Site Owner
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Oct 31, 2010
8 very good, although the drinks breaks could have been handled better to get the players back onto the pitch.
Mar 13, 2021
We need referees who will take a proper stand against the time wasting, just adding on 10 minutes doesn’t alter the fact that teams can disrupt games and key moments in games. This one became more obsessed with moving players back a foot for a throw in than dealing with continual time wasting.
Not sure he spotted much of the persistent fouling either and did we have at least one if not two half decent shouts for a pen tonight?
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Lowey Sponsor
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Nov 9, 2011
Stoke in Plymouth
I admit I can be very picky with refs but thought he was poor. We should have had a pen in the second half and he also missed a clear foul on Camara in the last seconds of extra time which almost led to a winning goal for them.

He was also very school master like eg when he booked Wilson.
Jan 10, 2015
omg i didnt think he was very good, i guess thats why im not assessing referees. I was totally lost on some of the decisions and bookings, again time wasting allowed to go on and as soon as a player went down he immediately waved on the trainer. Allowed gk to take a free kick 10 yards away from the incident. But I have been working long hours so maybe I dreamt some of it:sneaky:
Feb 26, 2012
He was OK. Crewe played all the little tricks we have become accustomed to in football...injuries are always a head injury so ref has to stop play immediately, drinks breaks during said injury to ensure any momentum is disrupted to the maximum and so on. The players, management and the Physios push it to the limit and the ref has limited powers to stop the nonsense.


Site Owner
Nov 29, 2012
He was OK, as some have said I thought he missed a couple of crucial fouls for me.

I gave him 5 and he's better than most this season, and is at least 7 points better than Sarginson.
Jun 28, 2006
I thought he started really well and was strong. A couple situations in the second half changed my view. The memo regarding the soft touch approach and letting play flow didn’t reach this guy. However light years ahead of Sarginson.
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