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⚫️ Pogleswoody - Chris Langmead.

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Nov 29, 2012
I received a PM yesterday from our Punmaster extraordinaire, Chris Langmead

Basically he apologised for not getting involved in the last few weeks and then telling me his cancer is back and he'll probably pass away this week.

Chris has given me permission (today) to let fellow members know. The Mods and I have had a discussion about this and we think it's a good idea to give all of our online community a chance to let Pogles know what we think of him.

The news ruined my day yesterday but his quote at the end of his PM was 'I couldn't let go until we had won the Championship' says it all about the man.

Farewell brother, I enjoyed having you around. 💚
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Apr 5, 2010
Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to meet Chris in-person, but from my time on here, it’s obvious he’s been part of the furniture and is well-regarded by the Pasoti community.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a few conversations with him on here and I’ve always enjoyed them. Along with his puns and jokes, he often provided a decent opinion on matches, and I’m sure they will be missed by many.

All the best to you, Pilgrim.


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Jan 12, 2006
Devastating news. Pogles has a real sense of humour and never a bad word to say about anyone. A proper member of the Pasoti Family. The site will be a lot poorer without his input.

All the best Pilgrim 👊

Argyle Nutter

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Jan 16, 2006
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Chris such awful news, your puns and jokes will be missed by all I’m sure, it was a pleasure meeting you and raising your spirits, especially as you were so down at the time. Take care my friend.
Feb 13, 2021
Have always enjoyed reading your posts- you have always brightened up my day with your wit & incredible use of the English vocabulary

Your posts have always had mischievous sprinkling but it is what makes you solely unique

You will be missed but never forgotten

God bless to a wonderful man 💚💚💚

The Doctor

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Sep 15, 2003
I've never met you Chris but I've (mostly!) 'enjoyed' your contributions to PASOTI over the years and you've certainly been one of those 'permanent fixtures' posters who I feel I have got to know a little bit and to care about. Just reading your username makes me smile because Pogle's Wood was always one of my absolute favourite TV programmes when I was very, very young... which makes me think that we're perhaps not too dissimilar in age, and that's a thought I'll hold quietly in my head for some moments after I hit send on this post.

What's the right thing to write here? There isn't one I guess. I'll just say that I hope you're in a good place, with the people of your choosing and in as much comfort as is possible over the coming days.

So long and thanks for all the puns (even the ones that weren't funny)

Frank Butcher

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Oct 9, 2003
Desperate news. We’ve often been on different sides of the political debate on Opinions but you are always a true gentleman Pogles - always respectful and an example to others, including me. I enjoy your straightforward and grounded opinions on football as well - no hyperbole, ever the pragmatist. Oh, and those puns make even a grumpy old bloke like me smile sometimes 😉.

We never met Chris, but stay strong and very best wishes to your loved ones.

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