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Plymouth Argyle v Doncaster Rovers - the build up

Mar 7, 2010
No team in this division has a god given right to beat any other.
A win Saturday will be just as sweet as the win against Sheffield Wednesday.
Lowe and the players should know they'll have to work hard over the next two games against teams desperate to kick start their seasons
Feb 13, 2021
Says a lot really if you look at who they have lost to and a draw with Pompey! They are not a bottom of the league side and they have lost all their games to very good opposition! Beware!
Feb 13, 2021
How many teams are in a false position currently- RL wont allow the boys to think Donny will be a pushover
Every game is a prisoner in this league & it is not a given that we will win every game
Donny will be desperate to continue from their win against Morecambe- hopefully it will not be against us

Sainghin Green

Quiz Setter
Jan 11, 2016
At about this time in the 58-59 promotion season Argyle beat Doncaster 4-0 in front of 24,000 at Home Park. A couple of games later they won 6-4 at Doncaster in a game remarkable for several reasons one of which was that neither Wilf Carter nor Jimmy Gauld got on the scoresheet! More of the same please!
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Apr 5, 2010
The general feeling from the Doncaster Fan Forum (Viking Chat) is that they would be happy to come away with a draw and as long as their team tries to give Argyle a competitive game.