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Petition Against The Liquidation Of The Club

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Frazer Lloyd-Davies

mrrapson":366ba4kq said:
I have set up an online petition for those of use who wish to sign it. It merely implores P&A to ensure that the club survives.
the link is ... fc-pa/3347

Also I have set up a Face Book page doing the same. ... 444?v=wall

This is not an attempt at upsetting the current bid this is merely to show BG and his partners how much the club means to us.

I do not want to be seen to undermine you Leigh (nor am I trying to produce clutter either Mods) but I felt this might get lost in the liquidation thread.

Come on guys whatever you opinion put a signature on it and spread the word. Will only take you two seconds.

Let's leave bickering at the door too yeah?
Cobi Budge":1bb9xaqb said:
Signed it but did'nt even know liquidation was still an option?

Cobi, if the current bid fails the p&a partnership could still liquidate us. With a bid in the background they shouldn't but with the way things have been done to date it wouldn't come as a surprise should they try.

There is still a clear and present danger to the club and it is up to us as fans to ensure that panda know what to expect if they were to push for liquidation.