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Pasoti Fantasy 23/24

Nick McFarlane

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Sep 22, 2003
Glenholt, Plymouth
Was going off the live text and it does say Gibson own goal. I wasn't paying proper attention obviously.

Must be a mistake by them and I will change it.

Ottawa Green

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🏆 Callum Wright 23/24
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Sep 18, 2003
Ottawa, Canada
JUst in case anyone hasnt checked here is the latest standings. Remember next game is saturday and transfers have to be done by midnight friday.

1Green GuileAFC Green Guile424
2Andymgreen and Gold410
3CornishtigerKombucha Warriors407
4PlymothianSaka spuds403
5Alex RogersMind the Cap403
6Im_ScottyCheltnumshire Janner403
8Harley Hannan-MattockHargyle396
9West Park BeyLamerton Loafers393
11Alan BoyleChampiones391
12Nick Stinger NettMeine Alten Stiefel391
13KeepitgreenBob's Battlers390
14GodwinmOttawa Green384
15Nick McFarlaneOakleigh Greens384
16Александр ДушанковDYX383
17Jo BonnerLancaster Green Machine375
18JohnandsarahwestPlymouth Argyle371
19Andrew BrewittMeg Green370
20Charlie FieldHardie’s on fire369
21Lev YashinFC London368
22MianjoMillbridge Millionaires364
23Peter\'s PigrimsPeter's Pilgrims362
24argylegamesAG's Losers361
25Clive mattockMighty Minnions361
26Derby PilgrimDerbyshire Pasties359
27Andy SoperCaptain Marvel’s XI357
28Terry AdamsonPlymouthArgyle355
29GreenDave1981It’s a Kloppout350
30Alan TuringAbsolute Reality346
31Mike ShanahanFC Bretonside338
32James1976garsidePlympton Pilgrims338
33Jon_simCornish Camels334
34Chris FurneauxFools Gold333
35StewthenooStew's silky smoothers331
36DuchyboyCornwall Argyle320
37Greg BurnardKentish Greens320
38Ping_G5I'm usually crap at this!316
39Christheking99Dingos Are Massive287
40Simon.evans75Bleddy Rubbish284
41Tim WesleyRealt Na Mara FC265
42Les MinardsLeslie Minards258