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Mike Pengelly. R.I.P.

Jan 7, 2013
As above, really hope he gets the send off he deserves.. hoping to make the wake but currently stuck up Derriford with my daughter who's having a scan. RIP Mike.
Nov 6, 2006
What a great send off for a very special man.
Great turnout and great to see James Brent there and do a speach too.
RIP mate you were a true gentleman loved by many.


Site Owner
Nov 29, 2012
JB, Tony Wrathall, Jon Back and Rick Cowdery we all there.

Goes to show how popular and well loved Mike was.


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Jul 3, 2006
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GreenArmy1984":2tc7msi3 said:
Perfect Send off for Great Man today

Nice speech from Argyle Chairman James Brent

RIP Mike

Lovely amusing words from his Sister too, admire her bravery in front of such a large gathering, good comic timing too (must be genetic!). I tried to keep low key at the back but got ushered (literally) forward into the third row.

Was talking to his Cousin and her family who had come down from Northants and didn't know where HP was. They were absolutely astonished by the 'support' that he got on the day and the obvious love/esteem that he engendered.

Dear old Pongo, bless his carrier bag!


Site Owner
Nov 29, 2012
The Pedal 4 Pounds crew send Mike their respect tonight.



Oct 2, 2009
Fulwood Lancs
Mike was a top top man. One of the nicest people you could wish to meet. When these terrible things happen it really puts life into perspective & the things you worry about don't really matter at all.
Apr 17, 2016
Was so sad to hear of mick passing, I first bumped into the fellow at a family do 1986 in Motspur Park where he used to live. I'd turned up late as I had been at Huddersfield Town and it wasn't long before Mick spotted the rolled up programme sticking out of my pocket. We spent most of what was left of the evening talking football and comparing notes, it turned out he was a friend of my uncle and lived down the same street. By the time we left he'd given me his number and said to give him a bell when next in town and also 'can you pick me up a programme from every game you go to'. On subsequent visits to London I would give him a knock, give him a bundle of programmes and we would spend the evening in his local where he introduced me to all the fans of different clubs that drank in there, afterwards he would let me doss on his couch so I didn't have to disturb my cousins. Only got to see Mick once or twice after he moved back to Plymouth but I knew how happy he was to be back down there. I echo the sentiments on here in that he was a lovely bloke, a top Plymouth fan and a top football man. R.I.P my old mate.
Apr 17, 2016
Before he moved to Pypes Road in Raynes Park, he used to live at Motspur Park and was a regular in the Earl Beatie next to Motspur station, we used to pop up to Wimbledon on occasion as well. The first time Leeds played at yours we did a night train down and he took me round the land marks while the pubs opened up, I think it was The Archer that we had pre match slurps in not far from the station.