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Just an Opinion

Sep 23, 2005
I feel it is time that this site reintroduced the 'Opinions' forum.
I know it used to get a bit heated at times, but it was always a good, and oft informative, read.
And there is so much going on in the world!!
It would certainly make a welcome change from threads about Bobby's garden and what part of a statue to rub!!
Apr 16, 2016
It's real value was that it wasn't an echo chamber ( which is rare these days) and only an arrogant fool could say they never changed their view to some degree because of someone with a very different viewpoints post.
'Off site aggro " ? Really. Wow.
The biggest tragedy, for me, is when people resorted to insult , personal attack and name calling just cos things weren't going their way.
I'd love it to resurface - a disclaimer maybe ? - 'views shared on this forum may well not reflect the site owners , and personal insult etc etc will result in a ban or worse' or whatever.
When someone goes too far e.g. Laurence Fox, they are ejected.
Healthy debate and free speech are in worrying decline. Some people are very intentional at getting open debate shut down, as they have much to lose from it.
So Mervyn , for example - I started off not liking you and your posts ( to be honest) but very much grew in respect for you and your views and it's clear to me that you are a very good bloke. I often fought Old Gunner's (self confessed) liberal wokeism , but discovered him to be a fine gentleman and so on. A few others I found it very hard to appreciate, but that's life innit. And obviously some people hate me and my views - I can live with that - we've just got to be true to who we are, but be respectful and at least try to see the best in one another.


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Oct 31, 2010
No, I'm really really sorry but the Opinions forum will not be returning.
In the end it was just too much hassle for the Mods and especially Ian and I.

For me it was interesting to read all of the different views, unfortunately some views were too strong and the almost daily decision of what to allow or what not to allow caused too much hassle, including complaints about whatever decision the Mods made.
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