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Danny Mayor


Jul 22, 2013
Agree that there is no need to bring Mayor back in currently, either on the current form of both Broom and Camara, or potentially upsetting the lovely balance of the side currently. However, it is very likely that in one or both of the next 2 away games we are going to need DM to come off the bench and make an impact offensively. And what a brilliant option to have. And, at home against either Crewe or Doncaster, depending on how things are going, I would like to see at some point Broom and Mayor on the pitch together- it could be very special indeed..
Jul 20, 2019
Let's not write off DM again. He's a flair player and so reducing his workload might mean we see the best version of him more often, playing twice a week doesn't really suit a player like DM imo.
I also don't buy into this whole exclusive first XI thing... if we're gonna challenge this season then we'll need Danny too


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Jun 21, 2006
We missed DM badly today! I don’t think Connor had a great game l! He slotted the penalty well though. How many times did Connor go past his man when he had so much space? zZero is the answer and Danny would have glided past players with ease and this is why I think he’s missed. CG has played well recently and I’m not having a go but we miss DM beating players.


Aug 4, 2011
Absolutely loved watching Mayor over the past 2 seasons, but for me the Pan, Broom, Grant performance is working. What’s the old saying about a team being worth the sum of it’s parts. Keep it as is until any injuries / dips in form. Mayor has no god given right to walk back into this team
Apr 8, 2011
Danny Mayor is an outstanding player for this level. Do I think he should be reintroduced at the moment? No. However he’ll still have a big part to play and I find it a bit cringeworthy that there are some trying to create this rivalry between him and Broom.
Jun 27, 2021
What an option to have from the bench, my monies on him getting back in the side when match fit tho tbh, simply think Lowe will feel he’s too good to leave out.
Sep 22, 2020
we were poor today on the left hand side both going forward and defensively.

Grant puts a shift in but imho has limited ability. Mayor is a great attacking threat and a joy to watch but would he upset the balance of the team?

Garrick looks to have attacking flair and caused donny problems when he came on.

And what about George Cooper? perhaps Mayor and Cooper are luxury players to play at home/on the bench when we need to break down a packed defense?