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Bristol City match day thread.

Feb 13, 2021
No doubt some people expect us to win every game- what i have taken from pre season is that my blood pressure will not take an hammering every time the opposition come near the 18 yard box

Now that the defence has been sorted & is starting to gel this will give our creative players the license to play their respective games- you also have to take into account that the new signings have had to get to know the players already in the squad & learn all about their games

I have been impressed with the new signings - it is like night & day compared to this time last season when we had the premier league youngsters

Some people will choose not to give the team a chance due to their opinions of the signings we have made but we should know within 10 to 15 games whether the signings we have made were the right ones

I am looking forward to seeing what our team will do in the coming season
Dec 30, 2020
If people can’t see the positives from yesterday’s performance then god help us.

I’m vocally critical of argyle quite often but I came away from yesterday’s match very happy and optimistic with how we played.

Yes we lost and No we didn’t score but everything else was there against a superior higher league opposition.

We were very well organised, composed on and off the ball and played some fantastic football on the counter.

There are and always will be areas to work on and/or improve but it’s all about building this new team up and getting it to function competitively. For the few that think we are going to put 2/3/4 goals past championship opposition and not concede … get real ffs.

Against lesser opposition we will undoubtedly have more of the ball thus creating more chances against slightly weaker players which could lead to better chances being converted into goals.

Really not sure what some people’s expectations are this time round.
The bit of that that I'd take issue with is "fantastic football on the counter."

There was the occasional nice pass in our own half but it always ends up with us checking back or going sideways once we get into opposition territory. We weren't taking players on or putting multiple passes together or opening up their defence, and for me it was pretty boring to watch.

The rest of what you say seems pretty fair. I am finding it hard to get off the fence about our prospects for the coming season. Three narrow home defeats against higher league opposition isn't dreadful, but I thought Swansea and Middlesbrough looked ready to step it up a gear every time we threatened to get into the game
Jul 16, 2018
A really enjoyable watch and a very good performance from Argyle. Shame they couldn't get a goal though.

Ennis was a real livewire when he came on for Jephcott. Also Randell looked very good when he came on. Houghton had a good game. I can see Randell as being the midfield substitute of choice and it wouldn't surprise me at all to see him starting in right-midfield if Camara is not up to it and he is still displaying signs of the raggedness apparent in the closing part of last season..

Danny Mayor was inspired throughout and in goal Cooper was superb and delighted that he saved a very harsh penalty against him.
I also think that we could improve on Camara at RM, and I also think that Randell could be that man if George Cooper isn’t played at RM.
Nov 13, 2006
Plympton St M
I watched the Swans and Bristol games live and the first half of the Boro game via Argyle TV. Compared with last year the positives outweigh the negatives. A few thoughts:

1) The back three looks so much better than last year.
2) I have been impressed with us in the three pre-seasons against Championship teams. yes we lost, and I’d rather we had not but we made more chances than our oppo.
3) The difference between Championship and League one strikers is that they take their opportunities more. For me the lack of taking the opportunities is probably the biggest negative across these three games.
4) I like the look of Houghton, and Randell is a good back up who eventually will become a starter (I think he is probably our best passer- though his corners last night needed work).
5 We seem to be using less sideways passing at the back, with the central midfielders being more of an outlet for a straight ball forward. We feel a bit sharper and direct than last year.
6) We are a bit light numbers wise and need a fourth experienced striker and probably another CB and possibly a right WB.
7) Key decisions for Lowe. Who to play LWB. Grant looks better defensively but when he goes forward he tends to pass sideways, it is as if he loses confidence or ideas. Law, as you might expect from a youngster, can get caught out of position defensively, but he looks much better going forward. Who is LCB. I like that Galloway constantly talks to his immediate team mates, and seemed to be helping Law a lot last week and telling Mayor where he wanted him. However, he did get caught out a couple of times last night. Gillesphey looks a bit more error free and has a good long pass him him. Who up front. To slightly misquote Lowe, Ennis has looked different class. Last night when he came on we suddenly looked a lot more of a threat. He makes things happen. Personally, I’d go with Hardie, his speed offers something, but I can see why Jeffers might be chosen instead.

Can anyone closer say why the penalty was given last night, we were too far away but I was surprised based on what I could see.


Zoe Cunningham
?? Sponsor
Feb 24, 2007
Penalty was given and correctly so. Cooper had his eyes on the ball but completely clattered through the player. The player knew exactly what he was doing but IMO the penalty was the correct decision
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