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Argyle shirt on holidays.

Jan 26, 2006
I only wear an Argyle shirt on holiday. When I wore it in New York I bumped into someone wearing an Exeter shirt and that was unusual. Barely see any in Exeter!



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Aug 13, 2009
Had the same whilst in Florida 2008 ish, waiting for the ride to set off at the Busch gardens theme park in tampa bay, a lad and his son on the same ride told me they were season tickets holders at home park felt very weird.

I must of had 5 or 6 green army shouts as we walked around that day as you say they’re everywhere!
Went to Barbados in March to watch the cricket (No pic). Met some Exeter fans, and also had constant shouts of 'Green Army!' whilst walking around.
I had two pictures taken with people I had never met before who just wanted to pass the photo on to friends who supported Argyle!
Also got stopped by an Oxford fan who looked forward to meeting us in the play-offs!


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Aug 2, 2016
Harolds bar Barbados at the Sandpiper Hotel around 2008. Managed to persuade Harold it should be centre stage.

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