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Argyle charged by the FA


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Oct 31, 2010
What happened in the 95th minute at Lincoln?
There was a player scuffle but I thought that happened earlier in the game.


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Oct 2, 2009
Fulwood Lancs
There was a kerfuffle, all hand bags nothing in the Battle of Saltergate league. I think the ref only issued 1 yellow if I remember it correctly. A Lincoln fan said to me after that it was a pleasant surprise that the ref didn't go card crazy & saw it as it was......the FA obviously think otherwise.
I think it was when Garrick took a throw-in - the ball had NOT gone out of play !

Somebody [Lincoln player] argued the toss and it was all over in seconds.

I think the referee allowed play to continue without any fuss ?

Why bother over nothing ?


Jan 16, 2006
If our chairman talks about having funds in the kitty, expect the EFL to take it off him 🙁