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Agard departs and signs for Doncaster

Oct 23, 2013
Seemed to conduct himself well and applied himself well when he was on the pitch. I am pleased he has got a further opportunity and it will be interesting to see if he appears as a regular scorer for Donny. All strikers miss some chances and take others. He had very little game time with us so not possible to assess how effective he will be over a season. Was a good back up for us and so played his part. Good luck Kieran.


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Jul 16, 2018
Good luck Kieran.
One of those switches that benefits all parties.
With Ennis back, Garrick in red hot form and Hardie and Jephcott looking on, having a 5th striker seems unnecessary.
Fingers crossed he can get minutes for Doncaster and find himself some goalscoring form.
Thereโ€™s also Rhys Shirley to consider.
Garrick can no longer be recalled now which is excellent news for us.
Schuey says that was one of the reasons why he let Agard go.
Was just wondering if this timing was related. Good to hear we seem to be one step ahead this window.

All the best to Kieran who gave it his all when called upon - a good move for him (and Doncaster). Hopefully he can miss the target when we play them at the end of January....
Dec 28, 2010
Great attitude displayed from the 1st to the last day at our club. Reflected in training from things reported and said by the coaches and staff. Bumped into him few days before his Charlton goal and he came across very well about our club and fans, he mentioned he was itching to score a goal and a few days later he did just that.

If the situation had been different with our current options up front and the form they have displayed individually since his arrival then I think he would have bagged a few more goals.

Wish him luck apart from on the 29th of this month obviously.
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Jul 3, 2006
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I really really hope that he kicks on with them and has a couple of great seasons and a couple of barrowloads of goals yet to come in his career.
Thanks again and good luck, I'll be checking you out regularly! (y)

All this bull from the Low-one. I was told to stay off social media so I couldn't thank the fans. Wot!!?? :unsure: