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Wimbledon Pub Guide

Sep 29, 2008
Figured I could start a thread to avoid any of you fine greens getting caught out by ridiculous London pub prices, here goes.
First you have The Prince of Wales, right outside the station and a Greene King so it's not too pricey, however can be small and fill up very quickly.

Next is the Wibbas Down Inn, spoons, big spoons.... What you see is what you get, they'll probably have doorman so don't be a dickhead 👍

Couple a little closer to the ground is The Garden Shed, again pricey but spacious and a 20 minute walk from the ground. Added bonus of a Sainsburys local opposite it too.

Anyone else local feel free to add they're own little travel guide 👍👍

One last tip, download the Citymapper app, fantastic for getting around London
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May 6, 2017
Hi ages since I've been on, the real local pubs to the ground are home fans only, A couple near Earlsfield BR are open to both. Good price for a guinness is change out of a fiver but you can pay more in Sth London. Haydons Road is the nearest station but not many trains. Good luck but not for tomorrow, Cheerrs
Jun 23, 2005
London (Putney)
I was told the away pub is the Halfway House at Earlsfield, which is adjacent to the station and 0.9 miles from the ground.
Yes, London Branch is now meeting at the Halfway House, 521 Garratt Lane, SW18 4SR, which is accepting away fans.

" In light of the vast travelling green army in and around Wimbledon tomorrow, the police have become a bit twitchy and vetoed our proposed pub, The Leather Bottle, which will be for home fans only."
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