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William 'Bill' Broome.


Auction Winner 👨‍⚖️
Mar 17, 2015
Hello Georgieboy, almost certainly the same person. Bill lived at Pottery Quay until he emigrated to Australia about 1968/69. Once a Green always a Green.👍👍
Sorry granby green just seen your reply. If was Broomy as he was called in the scouts,he was not very old to emigrate to Australia as I was 20 in 1968/9 and Bill was younger than me. Any way thanks for your reply. Let’s hope for a good season.
Georgieboy. (Mike.B.)⚽
May 26, 2024
I think I remember seeing his boat PH90 passing by Mutton Cove back in the early sixties, didn’t know him but it seemed plenty of the boatmen in the Cove did.