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Tony Hooper RIP


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Jan 12, 2006
Absolutely gutted to hear this. Used to chat with Tony a lot back in the admin days and met up a few times. Have lost touch in more recent years though, sadly.

Best wishes to all his family and friends.


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Aug 24, 2005
Tony's funeral is today and he is having a Direct Woodlands cremation which is limited to only 5 people. A private ambulance has to take him to crem, no flowers, no hymns, prayers or eulogy. They will play some music. Not what Tony would have wanted, but under the circumstances, his wife, Lynda had little choice.

Lynda has told me that so family and friends can say goodbye in their own way, there will be a Thanksgiving Service for his life in the local church in Temple Cloud which Lynda really hopes many will be able to attend. The Archdeacon of Bath & Wells has contacted her and she is hoping he will officiate. Afterwards there will be a buffet in Cameley Lodge. Once details firm up for this, I will update.

Any donations are to go to Dorothy House Hospice, Peasedown St John who were really excellent in helping Lynda care for Tony day and night in his last 5 days.
Alternatively, if cheques were sent to Lynda Hooper, any donations will then go to the local school where he was also very supportive and active. The school have been bringing her over lunch and dinner since he died, including weekends. If you wish to donate to the school, please pm me for Lynda's address.

RIP, Tony. Join the throngs of the Green Army already up there and know that we down here shall always remember your times with us with great affection.


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Nov 29, 2012
Thanks for the information Stew, sad times. :cry:

I'll merge this with the RIP thread when it's right to do so.

Ad astra Tone.
Jun 23, 2017
Haven't been on PASOTI for some time and just catching up now. I am really sad to see that Tony passed away a while back. At the start of the AFT, he and I had some pretty robust discussions about its whys and why nots. Our viewpoints were 180 degrees apart but he was never rude and his points of view expressed from the depths of an Argyle loving heart.
Then we met loads of times, mainly at away games, and we became close.
Time moved on and life took me to Belfast, but I would like, belatedly, to register my condolences and sadness at his passing.
May he rest in peace.
Peter Ryan.