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The Mayflower side - difficult choices


Lowey Sponsor
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Nov 9, 2011
Stoke in Plymouth
I've got some corporate seats in the lower mayflower so have invited different people to games pre covid. Several of them have been from up the line with football backgrounds many of whom are season ticket holders elsewhere themselves (ie Stoke City, Bristol City and Rovers, even Liverpool) and ALL of them have been impressed with the seating and facilities how the old stand has been preserved and redeveloped. We don't have access to the facilities under/inside the stand but we're really happy with the set up not least the proximity to the dug outs.
Feb 8, 2009
At least at Home Park you have a choice to get wet or not. The real injustice is an open away end like Yeovil, for example, (at least they're now back in non-league football now).

Andy S

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Kate Sponsor
Lowey Sponsor
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Sep 15, 2003
Obviously the OP has no idea about the cost of building or rebuilding stadiums these days. For instance, phase 1 of the new Wimbledon stadium which comprises a permanent main stand and some semi permanent stands has cost over £30m. Argyle have clearly done the best they can with the budget available. Knocking down the stand completely and rebuilding would have cost several million more. I wasn’t aware of the OP or any others willing to pay the difference.
The OP is a persistent complainer who will find the slightest reason to "have a dig" at the club.
Jul 27, 2021
Ahhh the snowflake generation has emerged .

If it’s wet - wear a coat
If the seat isn’t satisfactory-move

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German Shepherd

NHS Cake Donor
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Oct 2, 2009
Fulwood Lancs
To be fair you get a lot wetter sitting down than you do standing up if that makes sense....especially your arse if you go for a half time pasty !
Feb 7, 2017
I have sat in both the upper and the lower since the redevelopment, I must say I liked both.
I chose a seat with leg room, but also sampled one without and whilst slightly uncomfortable, it wasn’t as bad as some make out.
I do prefer the lower for proximity to dugouts, and ease of entry/exit. The main difference for me though, was the concourse underneath.
The choice between the tiny, cramped space, or the big, outside, open space was clear before the whole pandemic. And it’s cheaper.
Who cares about a bit of rain?
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Feb 28, 2016
Spent many a game of my formative years, singing “getting wet, getting wet, getting wet” on the old smoke filled Mayflower Terrace (BPE) Good fun and good character building!

That game against Leicester, called off at half time being by and far the wettest, I’ve ever been! Took a week drying out my fags until I could smoke them.