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The Mayflower side - difficult choices

Jul 14, 2008
Obviously the OP has no idea about the cost of building or rebuilding stadiums these days. For instance, phase 1 of the new Wimbledon stadium which comprises a permanent main stand and some semi permanent stands has cost over £30m. Argyle have clearly done the best they can with the budget available. Knocking down the stand completely and rebuilding would have cost several million more. I wasn’t aware of the OP or any others willing to pay the difference.
Sep 8, 2011
If rain or just showers are forecast, why not being some wet weather gear with you?
Might be a good product to sell in the shop 😉
Either ponchos or the full wet weather trousers and jacket. No such thing as bad weather, just the attire you wear. ☺️
Which would mean bringing a bag to carry them in until they are needed but the club don't want us bringing bags.
Apr 7, 2020
Ah, but you Mayflower folk are not getting searched (yet?)
I got patted down yesterday, as did those infront of me. My dad had his bag looked through at the Middlesborough game. All done very friendly and politely aswell.
Jan 7, 2016
Where you sit, or indeed rebelliously stand at Home Park is a matter of personal choice and I believe as Argyle fans we have plenty of choice.

Currently, I choose to sit in the Lower Mayflower and transferred our season tickets from the Lyndhurst to the Lower Mayflower soon after the renovated old stand was re-opened. We do not regret it. The lines of sight are great and being close to the dugouts, players and backroom staff, adds another dimension to each match day. We feel we are much closer to all of the action.

Yes, sometimes it rains, but we are prepared for this. The club also recognise that we may get wet and this is reflected in the price. For us the Lower Mayflower provides great value for money and a great match day experience but I can understand why it is not for everyone.

If I had more money I might consider becomong a Pioneer, or if I wanted a more nostalgic experience and didn't mind the legroom, I might relocate to the Upper Mayflower (yes, I have sat up there since the redevelopment and yes I know some who still love it up there). However, if the Mayflower experiences are not to your liking, then the horseshoe provides plenty of further choice. In the recent past I have rebelliously stood and sung myself hoarse in block 4 and I have been very opinionated and loud in block 12. I am sure that other parts of the Devonport and Lyndhurst provide their own unique experiences.

Surely there is a part of the ground that feels like home for every one of us and therefore I am a little confused why some 'supporters' choose to fuss about the Mayflower experience when what they appear to crave for is found elsewhere at Home Park.
Jan 7, 2007
As a former Mayflower upper seat holder, until the legroom disappeared, i thought i would try the Mayflower terrace seats last night. Oh dear.

The terrace seats legroom was terrific and a great view but as soon as the drizzle came fans were scrabbling back to the privilege seats. Even there the rain came in.

So it appears that unless i want to pay up to £2400 per season for a Pioneer dry seat (£100 per game! so less a ticket at say £25 that's £75 for a meal !!!) or other meal package i have the choice of an upper tier seat in the dry but no legroom or a lower tier seat and risk getting wet. Simply not acceptable after so much money has been spent on the stand.

seems normal fans have been discarded for the privileged few.
No one's forcing you to sit there. Anyone can see you'll get wet when it rains, that's why it's cheaper. Plenty of covered seating elsewhere. Ridiculous post.
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davie nine

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Jan 23, 2015
The op started posting on here about 10 months ago and very rarely posts anything other than to complain which, of course, he is perfectly entitled to do.
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Apr 8, 2011
I didn't go last night but I've been sitting in the Mayflower since it reopened and I actually can't remember it raining (bar the insane weather we had for Crewe home - switched to the Lyndhurst for that one).

I like the Mayflower, good view - being near the dugouts is interesting, a lot quicker to get in and out and to get served at HT. The fact it's cheaper is just a bonus - I'd happily pay the same price as I used to in the Devonport.
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Dec 3, 2005
When the Mayflower Terrace was there - we used to stand in the rain many times, didnt hear any moaning about it, just one of those things that happens now and then.
As for bringing in your wet weather kit in a bag, I cant see Argyle stopping you, a ponco wouldnt take up any room. I am sure that if you bought something in the Argyle shop and it was in a bag, they wouldnt mind then. I always brought a carrier bag in with me - with half-time snacks and scarfs and gloves. Be prepared!
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Jun 16, 2021
The stand development is poor for the fans IMHO but great for hospitality and income generation.

The problem is we couldn't afford to do a "Proper Job" as such we have something that will need replacing completely further down the line or huge expensive modifications.
This will cost way more In the long term than doing it properly in first place but that was a decision known and made at the time with the budget available

Shame as we should have completely gutted it and built a proper grandstand and bowl from outset if we could have borrowed the difference in investment required.
That said I wouldnt put my money into football and defo not borrow more so hats off for Simon Hallett doing something within his means.
Cant see us having a full and/or proper stadium in my lifetime but I am 40


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Feb 14, 2010
Well that's a cheery post.

It's nowhere near as bad as all that.
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May 28, 2019
i feel many on here moaning about the mayflower have not travelled to other grounds in leagues 1 or 2 , it is way better than a lot of grounds