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Tavistock v Argyle

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Sep 18, 2003
Ottawa, Canada
Argyle (3-5-2): 23 Luke McCormick (gk); 38 Ethan Mitchell, 41 Ollie Tomlinson, 37 Brandon Pursall; 26 Oscar Rutherford, 29 Angel Waruih, 8 Carlo Garside, 36 Finley Craske, 3 Jamal Salawu; 42 Rhys Shirley, 24 Oscar Massey. Substitutes: 1 Lewis Moyle (gk), 15 Jack Endacott, 20 Adam Randell, 22 Oscar Halls, 25 James Morley (gk), 27 Ryan Law, 28 Jeff Forkuo, 42 Zak Baker (gk).
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Apr 8, 2011
sounds dreadful

Other than Luke, who kept a clean sheet, we didn't field a single player over the age of 20. This was a good test, albeit a not very exciting one, for our youngsters against an older Tavistock side, and a different test to what they're probably used to. All good experience, and it'll give Lowe a better idea of how close some individuals are to potentially being able to bridge the gap from youth football upward.
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Mar 23, 2008
Was an interesting test and a good run out for our youngsters. Stand out players for me were Ethan Mitchell in defence who looked to really enjoy defending, Carlo Garside in midfield who reminded me of Luke Young and the pacey Oscar Massey up top.

Overall I would have thought Lowe would have been a tad underwhelmed though by the general performance albeit a pre-season event. Luke lead by example as you would expect and was shouting to others to organise at set pieces. So rather than organising himself, was using his experience on empower others.

Nice to be at a game and have a pint in the sunshine!