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Mar 27, 2008
The rush of returning will be more likely for the league games.

For now, with the bullish announcement of some fans that they won’t be wearing a mask at any point on social media platform, why would you risk your health if you have some form of issues that could deteriorate with Covid-19.

I think now we got to that stage with this virus. Unfortunately, we can’t stay indoors forever. Yet now what we are kind of seeing is the part of society we created that has one attitude. Stuff everyone else. I’m doing what l want.

I think that’s why we will see the need for vaccine passports soon, even at Argyle. So that at least people who are responsible will know the irresponsible ones haven‘t got Covid-19.
How will you know the irresponsible ones haven’t got covid?
Apr 20, 2004
Anyone trying to cast from PC to TV? Worked perfectly last time but now just get "no video file found" ...
I'll answer my own question! Wouldn't work from the "cast" icon but did from the context menu for some reason. Anyway, working well now, unlike the Argyle defence ...
Dec 13, 2004
Unlikely to be at Home Park anytime soon but based on last nights free sample I will definitely be signing up to watch next season. Not the same as the "live" experience but enjoyable just the same.