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Super Luke #23


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Nov 29, 2012

Signed Luke McCormick print. Exclusive limited edition of 23​

The Argyle Archive, with the kind permission of Dave Rowntree, have produced a limited number of prints depicting Luke McCormick’s 1st and last (350th) appearances for Argyle. In the top photo Luke is seen with Ryan Trudgian and Paul Connolly who also made their debuts on that day, 5th May 2001.

The prints are 16″x12″ (roughly A3) and are supplied unframed. Prints are limited to just 23, Luke’s shirt’s number. All prints have been signed by Luke and are priced at £29.50 each which includes UK P&P. They can be purchased from the Archive shop at: https://argylearchive.org.uk/product/signed-luke-mccormick-photo-exclusive-limited-edition-of-23/

Watermarked examples of the prints.
Luke photo watermarked.jpg

What it could look like if framed :-

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