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Stop dying! Just effing stop it!!!


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Zoe Cunningham
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Oct 31, 2010
RIP Gunther - James Michael Tyler - the 7th Friend.

Andy S

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Zoe Cunningham
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Sep 15, 2003
Just Sir Geoff and Sir Bobby left, sad that so many were hit by Alzheimer's

If the medical powers that be are to be believed, the reason for that is the amount of times they headed the ball!

Mind you, I still have a scar on the front of my hairline, where I made contact with a lace, on a saturated leather football. It hurt! :)


Zoe Cunningham
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Jul 3, 2006
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Lionel Blair has passed away at the age of 92. RIP LIonel.
Yes RIP. He was always a good 'sport' I thought as you very rarely saw him on telly where he was being considered as a serious dancer or contributor but I guess that he made a good living out of being the jokee!

I can see the service now:
I am now going to read from: 'It's a book, two words; second word, first part is what a baby wears when it's eating'.
Aug 14, 2014
Two footballers of note from the 1960s passed away in the last 10 days
Ron Flowers (12th Nov) Wolves & England. Played in World Cup in Chile 1962 & squad member 1966.
Bertie Auld (14th Nov). Celtic, Birmingham & Scotland. Celtic Lisbon Lion 1967.