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Statues at Home Park

Jul 12, 2005
Hi everyone - long time member, occasional poster!

Apologies if this has been mooted before but, in light of the Aguerooo statue and, separately, the redevelopment of Higher Home Park: which Argyle players/staff/moment would you like to see immortalised in bronze? I believe that Jack Leslie is having a statue made, so mine would be:

- Tommy Tynan, wheeling away after scoring vs West Brom in the FA Cup 1984

- Micky Heathcote lifting the Wembley cup

- Paul Sturrock with a grin on his face, hands in trooser pockets

- Dave Smith, flat cap, fist clenched on the touch line.

What do you think?


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Nov 29, 2012
Agree about Tynan, but there will never be another Micky Evans. What a player he was and we would not have won either Championship without the man. Luggy's opinion by the way.

I'd have Brendan Guilfyle in all of the urinals, we could all pee over him as he tried to do with us.
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Jan 6, 2004
Definitely Tommy Tynan.
A true Argyle legend, forget the nonsense of Trigger who was overrated, but Tommy was different class and unlike Trigger he could score
Trigger was not overrated, he was not a prolific scorer but that was not his role, his role was to hold the ball up and set up attacks around him and in that aspect of the game I believe he was up there with the best which is why he, and not Tommy (great as he was) ended up in the top flight.


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Zoe Cunningham
Sponsor of Butcher
Oct 31, 2010
Anybody know the latest on the Jack Leslie statue? When are we likely to see it?

The decision on planning permission has been delayed until the middle of June.
It looks like the position of the statue might revert to the original position.
Dec 3, 2005
Only ONE player in my opinion deserves a statue for his career at Argyle that in this modern day football will never be beaten. That player is Sammy Black - 491 appearances for Argyle over a period of 13 years and 5 months, those appearances put him in 2nd place in the the history of Argyle, 2nd only to Kevin Hodges.
During that time at Argyle he scored 182 goals which puts him in FIRST position in the history of Argyle, I doubt very much if any player will ever get close to that.
So Sammy Black a Scotsman in my opinion is the ONE player who deserves a statue. FIRST for scoring goals and SECOND for the number of appearances.