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Season tickets for next season

Nov 16, 2006
We all look forward to the completion of the new grandstand. I, and a few friends moved over from the main grandstand and took our place in the Lynhurst.
Next season we will return back to our normal seats.
The new stand is due to open the beginning of September a good 4 weeks into the new season.
So how is the club going to issue season tickets ? Will those moving back receive a season ticket for the seats they are in now, then a second season ticket when they move back ?
It may be an administration overload in costs.

Kevin Gollop

Lowey Sponsor
NHS Volunteer Supporter
Sep 24, 2003
I believe September is the overall project completion date. It's entirely possible the seating areas will be usable at the start of the season whilst the conferencing facilities are being fitted out for example. Speculation on my part but time will tell. I'm not sure if the project timeline that was posted perviously went to that level of detail.


50/50 Sponsor
Jan 17, 2017
Bovey Tracey
A massive assumption, but I would imagine those of us who moved over will have the returning seats allocated and we can buy them for next season, but remain in our current seats until the new ones are available.


NHS Cake Donor
Feb 17, 2004
When Anfield was redeveloped in 2016/7, Liverpool played the first 3 League games away. First home game was 10th September.

Presumably, Argyle could request to start season with no home games until late August or early September.