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Rotherham away (now pay on the day)

Aug 25, 2009
If possible I'd recommend drinking in Sheffield beforehand with Kelham Island a decent option. A cab to the ground would be 20 quid or so.
Still intact now. The scrapman that owns it can't bulldoze it as there's a sporting covenant on the site, falling down though
There's an interesting video on Youtube where a couple of lads have an illicit wander around, they seem a bit ignorant of football though. Sad to see the old ground like that as it was one of my favourites - some ex-Laira Class 50 locomotives sat in the scrapyard behind the away end for many years, so it also had a local connection.
Rotherham must be a rare example of where the new ground is nearer the centre of town / railway station than the old, even if only maginally so.