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RIP Scott Prideaux.


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Nov 29, 2012

Scott Prideaux has passed away. :cry:

Known to many of the Green Army, a fun loving Argyle fan who eventually succumbed to Pancreatic Cancer, despite a real fight against the beast.

A truly lovely and brave man who bore his illness with amazing dignity.

He will be truly missed.

Ad astra Scotty.
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The Doctor

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Sep 15, 2003
Aargh... I first met Scott when he moved into the house behind ours in Peverell with his family, maybe 20 years ago (they came down from Bristol if my memory serves me correctly). His two little girls (not so little) were a year or two younger than my two. I remember talking over the garden wall about him selling vinyl discs online (before vinyl really took off again). We moved not that long afterwards but we bumped into each other fairly often, mostly at Argyle, and shared a natter about Argyle, Jail Ale, Porlock and Exmoor (his home, my favorite area), families growing up etc.

The way that he responded to his diagnosis, with such energy and positivity was utterly inspirational. I’ve never come across anything quite like it (in my personal experience). He was such a friendly, positive and thoughtful individual. I really hope that if I am ever struck down in similar fashion I will have the strength and fortitude to respond as he did.

My (our) thoughts are with his family. It’s hard for me to imagine what it must have been like and what it must now be like for them.

RIP Scott
Feb 8, 2011
I didn't know Scott for very long, and in fact only really since he has been ill, but he was a wonderful inspiration to anyone else who might be ill. Amazing dignity and bravery. Rest in peace mate.


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May 12, 2008
As has already been said, he was a great guy. He would often stop and chat when he was walking his dog around HP and I was up there recording the redevelopment. He also loved going to the fan fest. Thoughts are with his family at this sad time. RIP Scott.
Oct 31, 2015
RIP Scott.

Thoughts with the whole family.

Too young, horrible form of the big C.