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RIP Paul Mariner

Feb 4, 2020
I did post earlier today. Sorry to be a bore.
The tributes are so fantastic and appropriate....I now more upset than this morning.
Just wanted to add...the day we won promotion v Colchester..a Tuesday evng about mid April 1975..thousands ran on pitch to applaud our heros in the Directors' Box....Paul and (I think King Billy) were stood on the ledge of the Directors' Box with football boots still on! I was terrified they fall off as the champagne flowed! No health & safety back then..lol
Jan 2, 2019
RIP Paul. He played in the first game I can remember going to 4-0 win over Fulham in 1975, Fulham had Bobby Moore in the team.
Apr 15, 2004
East Devon
Just heard this watching ITV's Euro final preview .... feel like I've been punched in the stomach. A childhood hero taken way too soon. What a player and a top man. Thank you for the memories forever burned into my mind. RIP.
Nov 26, 2011
California USA
Very sad news.

I remember in November 1973 that my father-in-law, an Arsenal supporter, agreed to accompany me to Loftus Road to "console me" - his words prior to the game for League Cup 4th Road when QPR in higher league.

Result: QPR 0 Argyle 3 and I believe Paul Mariner scored all three goals and was outstanding.

Found on web:

"Plymouth fans who had made the trip to West London to see them dispose of QPR, their third top flight victim away from home in the cup run, still talk about the match at Shepherd’s Bush as one of Argyle’s greatest ever performances"
Dec 10, 2020
RIP Paul, condolences to his family and to the Argyle family.
A trivia question might be.......
'Which 2 goal-scoring Argyle forwards were born within 10 miles of each other, both went on to play in the top tier, both played for England and both have died recently?'
Gordon Astall and Paul Mariner.
I never saw Mariner play because I'd left the UK by then, but Gordon Astall lived next door and introduced me to Argyle.
Ah memories.....

Ray Stidwell

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T.O Support
Sep 20, 2003
Penn, near High Wycombe
RIP Paul, one of the most exciting Argyle players in my lifetime, and a really good guy.
I still remember vividly the thrill in September ‘73 when we were all quickly realising something special was happening, ….
…..and hearing a Millwall supporter saying to his son, 3 years later “ what fantastic balance Argyle’s No. 9 had”during an otherwise miserable afternoon at The Den for us, losing 3-0,
Thank you too for “giving it a go” as manager. That tough challenge didn’t work out so well, but you clearly cared & “were one of us”
A really good guy, you have been taken too soon, RIP Paul
May 27, 2019
Oh what a sad start to what I hope will be a wonderful day for English football. I haven’t been on Pasoti much in recent weeks, so have literally only just read about the great Paul Mariner's passing in this mornings Sunday Telegraph. That really started my day with a jolt and it is such sad news that Argyle's greatest ever player has died at such a relatively young age.

Mariner was leading the line in style with Bill Rafferty when I saw my first Argyle game against Hull City and I saw him score his last ever goal in an Argyle shirt, at the Devonport end, with a flicked header against Cardiff. There has never been an Argyle striker like him since (with all respect to Tynan and others who have followed him).

RIP the great Paul Mariner.
Jul 6, 2005
Very sad news, we have lost a true Argyle legend.

Almost certainly the best post-War Argyle player.

A fantastic, all-round CF who had it all. Within months of leaving Argyle he was in the England team.

As an aside, we were stiched up big time by Ipswich, but that was not Paul's fault.

Very happy memories of the run to the League Cup Semi-final and then Promotion the following season where Paul was such an important member of the team.

I can't recall the name of the North West Argyle scout who first spotted him which led to Argyle signing him from under the noses of the local clubs up there, but we will always be grateful for him. I'm sure there will be older fans who remember him, I seem to recall that he had a slightly unusual name.

From memory, Argyle undertook a pre-season tour of Cornwall in the summer of 1973 and Paul was invited to go by Tony Waiters. It was all low-key but he obviously impressed everyone.

He didn't start the season - I think Jimmy Hinch may still have been our first choice CF - but we didn't get off to a very good start and in early September, Waiters made a number of changes to the team by bringing in younger players such as Paul, Brian Johnson and Alan Rogers for a Tuesday night game at home to Rochdale.

Argyle won 5-0 and the rest is history.


T.O Support
Apr 30, 2009
I was present at the pre season game at St Austell when Mariner played one of his first games in an Argyle shirt and I was stood behind the goal in which he scored. He had a big smile on his face and he screamed his delight at scoring. The rest is history but I feel very privileged to have seen him play for our club, RIP.