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RIP Billy Bingham

Feb 8, 2005
Remember Billy Bingham well, with his Irish twang.
I believe there was slight aggro between the club and him, but Billy got his way and managed Northern Ireland as well as Argyle at the same time.
RIP Billy.
Aug 5, 2015
Yes the Torquay game was unforgettable. Sadly Danny Trainor was also unforgettable! Not one of our most successful managers but RIP Billy


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Apr 22, 2006
A real gentleman and my third Argyle manager after Malcolm Allison and Derek Ufton. He was quite a name for us to appoint at the time and
I can forgive him for Danny Trainor even who sadly died at just 30 years of age. RIP.


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May 12, 2008
Am I correct in thinking that BB was manager of NI at the same time as he was manager of Argyle?
Mentioned in his write up on GoS:

In Bingham's first season at Home Park, Argyle finished fifth in the Third Division, but the following two years saw the club slip into the bottom half of the table and fans began to voice their displeasure. One of the reasons for their discontent was the view that Bingham was distracted by his second job: in 1967 he had been appointed manager of Northern Ireland. In 1971, he left the national job, but by then he had also left Home Park.

Jun 5, 2021
I was at the Devonport End that Boxing Day and everytime Bickle scored, someone next to me started a “Bickle for England” chant. It didn’t catch on! Still a worthy sentiment and a great afternoon.
Feb 14, 2021
Billy Bingham played in the first match I ever saw (Everton v Sheff Utd, Nov '62).

He was then manager the first time I saw Argyle in a League game, at Southport, 1968. He wasn't very popular with the home fans that night, having recently left Southport to take over at Home Park.

He later achieved great success with Northern Ireland, as we all know.

Apart from his football achievements, Billy was always known to be a true gentleman.

Another contributor to early personal football memories is sadly no longer with us.

Aug 5, 2015
Sadly the memory of Danny Trainor remains with me. One of the few strikers I’ve seen who would have trouble hitting a barn door with another barn door. Shame he went so young though
Feb 21, 2012
I was at the Devonport End that Boxing Day and everytime Bickle scored, someone next to me started a “Bickle for England” chant. It didn’t catch on! Still a worthy sentiment and a great afternoon.
Used to see a car with Bickle for England poster in the window around that time too.
Sep 7, 2020
RIP Billy Bingham. This man really did earn the name, legend. A great player, who never received the respect he deserved, ex- Argyle Manager, did wonders with the Northern Ireland team, bringing them to two consecutive World Cup campaigns in 1982 (topping the group and beating host nation Spain) and 1986. He also very nearly won the old League Division One with Everton during the 1974/75 season, only to be unfairly sacked 18 months later, when they were struggling in the league, but on their way to both the League Cup and FA Cup semi-finals. Even back in the 70's, football clubs could be mercenary. Condolences to Billy's family.

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