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Revelling in the despair of others

Metal Green Mickey

NHS Volunteer Supporter
Mar 14, 2009
It’s not a new thing. In fact it’s probably always been around us. It’s just social media gives a platform to people to do some of the negative actions in life.

There is an art to banter. That art seems to sometimes be lost unfortunately as instead of being good natured, it becomes spiteful and hateful.

Somewhere in humanity we find a mechanism to cope by celebrating in other people’s despair. The Euro final has created a wonderful moment for English people to unite after 18 months of Covid-19. Some people have lost family and friends. It’s been tough period for everyone. Yet this Euro 2020 tournament has given some joyous moments to celebrate and feeling happy.

I understand there are many out there who dislike seeing England win. There is an arrogance in some English people that has meant it has wound up people to a point of “Anyone But England”. Yet every country will have an arrogant part of its community. The English are no different from many other countries.

If l don’t support something, l feel l can still watch and enjoy it. If a team or an individual has won or lost my first thought isn’t to go onto social media and bask in the glory of other people’s despair. Yet come Sunday evening when the Euro’s is all over, if England were to lose, then this is the first thought of many people.

When did people become so bitter that the only crumb of happiness they can get out of life is celebrating the pain of others? It’s not a new level of toxicity but it’s one that seems a growing trend. Humanity is built of a sea of emotions. However, l don’t think life was meant to be built on negativity where the only thing you look forward too is how much pain you can cause.

When Andy Murray won Wimbledon it was a great achievement for Scotland. I was proud as an Englishman that he managed to win Wimbledon. I actually enjoyed seeing the elation he felt when he won and how happy it made certain sections of the Scottish Community.

Somewhere, it feels certain souls in this world are swallowed up with anger, bitterness and hatred. I find it a shame people lead their lives this way. Life is too short. It’s a shame people can’t simply be happy for one another.