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Re: Geoffrey Luke-Founder of PASALB Funeral and wake Details

Geoffrey Luke who founded the London Branch back in June 1978 has sadly passed away. Geoffrey was 65 and for years attended Home Park as well as travelling to many an away games.

Geoffrey gave a lot of time to football and indeed it was football that made him move to London, Geoffrey was assistant secretary at West Ham United before that he was the secretary of Truro City FC, however these two jobs did not stop his support for Plymouth Argyle.

Geoffrey also has international honours, he represented England at Table Soccer (Subbuteo).

Final arrangements for his funeral are to sorted but all are welcome to attend and if you do wish to attend please PM me or email me at lee.c.jameson@hotmail.co.uk

For those of you who can not make it to London a memorial service will be held in his home Town of St Agnus, again if you want further details please feel free to contact me. I shall be meeting with Toni tomorrow to make the necessary arrangements.

Geoffrey passed away whilst coming back on a train after a couple of beers, anyone that knew Geoffrey the three things he loved were Trains, Plymouth Argyle and Real Ale.

PASALB will also remember Geoffrey and once again details are to follow.

Geoffrey will be missed by all that knew him, he is a great loss to PASALB and I now need somebody else to keep me on my toes.

Bye Geoffrey!

Mar 3, 2004
Very sad news indeed, I will miss his company at games and his wry sense of humour.

I will certainly attend the memorial service at St Agnes where he'll be fondly remembered with a few pints in the The Railway afterwards no doubt.
Jul 29, 2010
I was a PASALB through the late 80's and 90's, must've seen Mr Luke at the couple of meetings I went to, that's sad news to hear.

RIP Pilgrim.


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May 12, 2008
RIP Pilgrim. I became a member of PASALB while living in Reading in the 90s, so I thank him for that. Thoughts are with his family.


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Dec 30, 2004
Yes, sad indeed. I was a PASALB member for a few years and used to look forward to those printed copies of Pasty News that arrived through my letterbox pre-internet. I think I still have them all somewhere - in fact, knowing me, I almost certainly have!

Ray Stidwell

Kate Sponsor
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Sep 20, 2003
Penn, near High Wycombe
Very sad news indeed.
RIP a true Pilgrim...
....And leaving many legacies to be very proud of- including PASALB.
Cheers Geoff; now in good company joining quite a legendary green team in the sky- Noddy, Umbrella Vi & of course Michael F amongst many other great Greens.
Nov 2, 2004
R.I.P ,as an 80s member,what he created was fundimental in keeping me and many exiles in contact with Argyle.Top man.

German Shepherd

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Oct 2, 2009
Fulwood Lancs
This is very sad news. As a member of the London branch in the eighties I travelled with Geoff on numerous Argyle away days; which started off with an orchestrated pre-match pub crawls, courtesy of the excellent London Branch Travel Guide. Each pub had it's fair share of real ales, I occasionally remembered what had happened in the following match. Also played with him for the London Branch 'Wallies' Team where he graced the team like a latter day Bobby Moore (not).
Geoff was a top bloke and Argyle should do something to recognise his passing.
Jan 11, 2009
I was also a founder member of PASALB with Geoffrey and knew him well, not seen him much recently but often came up in converstation.


A very sad loss. I knew Geoff for the best part of 30 years and a nicer man you couldn't wish to meet.
Bumped into him at Southend a couple of seasons ago and we always had the same type of conversation.....why do we put ourselves through the agony of supporting Argyle etc etc.
It's ironic that I am going to a funeral and wake of a friend here in Thailand today.
Geoff I will raise a toast in your honour.
RIP mate.
Aug 14, 2011
I am shocked that Geoff has passed away at the relatively young age of 65, this is the passing of an era in the life of PASALB.

I have just looked out the A4 sheet that was sent out to us all telling us of the Inaugural Meeting.......to form the London Branch ot the Plymouth Argyle Supporters Association.

This was held on Wednesday 30th of June 1976 at 8pm at the Ordnance Arms, 29 Ordnance Hill,St Johns Wood NW8......by kind permission of Mr & Mrs G R Clifton.

On the same sheet was the 1976/7 list of Argyles matches, the first being an away trip to Oldham Athletic on 21st of August. Also there was the comment that "we'll be the greatest !" and reminding us that Argyles best position in Div2 had been 4th in 1931/2 & 1952/3......sadly that is still the case........Geoff like many of us would have been be looking at our present league position with dis-belief.

I found Geoff a very pleasant and gracious man and he was always pleased to see you again. I had a long chat with him at the"Will Adams" pub in Gillingham on our last visit there in August 2011 followed by the 3-0 defeat of our very young inexperienced team.

I was pleased to catch up with him again last December at the Christmas do at the Hoop & Grapes in Farringdon Street,we where reminiscing about the old days over a pint and a pasty.....not knowing that that would be my last time in his pleasant company.

It truly is a great shock hearing of his passing, seeing that he was nine years younger than myself.

I would like to pass on to his family and friends my heart felt sympathy for a very gracious and friendly man that I had the privilege to have known since 1976......a true green supporter who always greeted you with a smile and the question how are you mate......thanks for everything Geoff.
Aug 21, 2008
Yes, a very sad loss.

I too was at the initial PASALB meeting in 1976 and have been a member on-and-off though never an "active" member, but Geoff always had time for a chat and the odd pint over the years.


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Jul 3, 2006
Location Location
RIP dear old Geoff. Lovely man but didn't suffer fools gladly!!

First met him before PASALB, i am sure it was at the QPR 0-3 game! 1973?

anyway he told me and my brother of his intentions to form a London Branch, we gave him our names and contacts and he took a quid off each of us!! didn't see him again for about 5 years, when PASALB was up and running!! Brother and I wondered for a long time whether he just got £2 off us! quite a few pints in 1973!! :lol:

Used to rib him about it and claim our place as founder-founder members!! PASALB pioneers! :scarf:

anyway my brother liked him which is tribute enough from me as he didn't give a verdict on many met at football.

I know Geoof enjoyed it when i was running the footy team and would have been there ready to play if and when required!

like a lot of people you meet, didn't send xmas cards or keep in touch with him but was always happy to meet him: home or away

RIP Geoff old mate!