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R.I.P Peter Darke

Mar 13, 2021
Very sad news for his family and for all of the Argyle fans who remember that goal on Easter Saturday, 1976.

We used to stand in the Devonport End back then to the right of the goal. As the ball came in from the Lyndhurst you could see that Ian Turner had misjudged the flight. I'm sure it was intended as a cross to the far post but it ended up being a match winning goal. I think Darkie put a bit of check-side on the ball.

Also remember him playing for Saltash as a CB in the Western League towards the end of his career. I don’t think many CFs looked forward to coming up against him on a Saturday.
Watched him and the likes of Dave Lean over at Kimberley, my home stadium.
Apr 9, 2004
LA NY or Cuckfield
Remember playing against Saltash Working Men’s Club on the outside pitch then having a beer or three inside Kimberly and watching Peter as a no nonsense centre back for Saltash United waiting for Argyle’s result on the tv in the clubhouse.