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programmes, two shirts, exeter scarf, trigger signed poster



Hi, I know its not much but if you are a collecter I have some random programmes.
pafc v derby county, jan 26th 2010, 27th match of season - 50p
stoke city v pafc, aug 26th 2006, 5th game in - £1
pafc v derby county, oct 15th 2006, 12th match in - 50p
pafc v bristol city, dec 8th 2007, 22nd game in - £1
pafc v ipswich, apr 30th 2006, final match, evans goodbye section - £1.50

you will find all programmes in good condition [the stoke one is just about good as new],

I also have a yellow puma kids size argyle shirt and a few year old wigan shirt, you name a price

I know its not good but I was given an exeter scarf from a few years back, I dunno why I took it but I will sell that for £1, If its worth that.

mickey evans signed programme middle page [no programme] with large autograph

no post, please Pm me and we will sort out a time to meet, preferably vue cinema [as I live near there] but I can do it in town.

thanks :)


:lol: Excretia scarf!! If you give me at least £100, I will take it off your hands, wipe my arse and set fire to it. :wink: