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Premier League clubs keeping tabs on Mike Cooper

Feb 13, 2021
None of us knows what Coops thinks he will be focusing in the here & now - not January & not the end of the season

He will not be interested in social media tittle tattle or baseless rumours

He is flourishing under the mentoring & guidance he is currently receiving & enjoying his football which to me is the most important thing- his body language excludes confidence & that rubs onto his defensive team mates

Whats to say he is only interested in playing week in week out & not money.

He is only at the start of his goalkeeping journey & he will be continuing to learn & develop everyday in training

Argyle have his best interests at heart & no doubt discussions will be held in private but as the Chairmans chat of yesterday stated we have cash reserves , we are a well run football club so fire sale of our family silver will occur on his watch

If & when he chooses to move on it will be with Argyles blessing
May 27, 2019
He might prefer to be the number 1 at Argyle, than battling to be the number 2 or number 1 elsewhere with two other goalkeepers as good if not better than him. Then long spells of sitting on the sidelines and going out on loan. The miserable side of professional football you don’t often hear about.

Goalkeepers don’t often go straight to the top and earn the big bucks straight away. In 2 years time with two seasons more experience, Cooper will still only be 23. 10+ years of earning potential ahead of him.

He is probably earning plenty of money at the moment, got lots of support and admiration from his manager, teammates and supporters. He is settled and appreciated, with his family just up the road in Exeter.

Why is it so hard to imagine he doesn’t want to jump too high and too far too soon?
I sort of agree that he might not want to go and be 3rd choice at a PL club, which is the reality. First choice at a Championship club - entirely different matter. Any players knows that a loss of form can mean dropping out of the limelight, so I’m sure if a good championship club came in for him, he’d jump at the chance and Argyle would take £2m all day long
Jun 27, 2019
When is the next England u21 squad announced? I would think that young Mike Cooper should have an excellent chance to be in that squad should he have a few more clean sheets and getting press attention that prem and championship clubs are looking at him…
I think someone worked out he isn't eligible...


Jul 22, 2013
Now 25, still only 3rd choice at WBA, behind Sam Johnstone and David Button. Surely it's time for Palmer to be someone's number 1 permanently? He's too good to not even be on the bench.
Maybe if we get a offer we can't refuse on Mike Cooper in January, he could be a really good replacement option?
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Jan 27, 2012
From what I have seen, I think Palmer is a better all-round goalkeeper than Cooper.

Cooper gets a lot of hype from Lowe (like he did with Mayor) but I like to to concentrate on what happens on the pitch, not on chatter. Dont get me wrong- Cooper is a good keeper and looks better this season. I have confidence in him as a player and he makes some brilliant reaction saves. I just think Palmer was more solid on crosses and decison making, which is the bread and butter of a goalkeeper.
Apr 8, 2011
Palmer was better at coming for crosses, dominating his boxing etc, whilst Cooper is better at reaction stops and also distribution. Cooper edges it for me as he’ll only get better and become more commanding as he progresses.