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Plymouth Argyle Transfer Rumours


Jul 22, 2013
He’d need a lot more looking at the size of him!!

Would like to see how a guy with this type of body frame changed the dynamic of our team. Lowe didn’t want this type of player but l think it would compliment a Ryan Hardie well in a partnership.

What l will say is with his back to goal, Garrick was trying to hold the ball up at times. I really would like to sign him permanently as the pace he offers up down the channels, like a Hardie, helps us get up the pitch.
Vadaine Oliver has a very ordinary goal-scoring record prior to his time with Gillingham, and a fairly nomadic and unspectacular career up to that point too, being released from various contracts at York, Northampton etc. Either something seems to have clicked finally, at the age of 30, or, take away Steve Evans' route 1, bully-boy tactics, and he might be Frank Nouble mk. 2. And we don't want or need that.


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Zoe Cunningham
Sponsor of Butcher
Oct 31, 2010
With Bolton coming back why would we want another defender?

I guess because we've lost Galloway, Wilson has a back injury, Bolton has only just returned from a long injury and Gillesphey is the only left sided centre-back - presuming the new defender is a leftie.


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Zoe Cunningham
Sponsor of Butcher
Feb 14, 2010
If it is Findlay, it's interesting if there's a recent trend of signing British players playing in different countries (Gillesphey and Lewis too).

Could be part of how we're profiling individuals to combat any location issues, getting players in who are used to being away from home. Or at least who will see Plymouth as being closer to home, rather than further from it.