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Plymouth Argyle Daily News - Friday 24 September

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Apr 3, 2013
The club confirm Elliot Turner as the new head of Fitness and Conditioning ... club website.

Ryan Lowe is enjoying Argyle's purple patch ...

The club introduce the new 1911 clothing range ... club website.


The latest Big Green Lottery winners .... club website.

Other media sources are now repeating the 'Michael Cooper to Premier League' story, this time it's Aston Villa ...Transfer Tavern.

Argyle monopoly still available in the ...... club superstore.
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Feb 13, 2021
Would you want to go to a club where you would be 3rd or 4th choice & if you were lucky you might get a sniff at some random cup game

Yes your wage packet might be impressive but to progress & develop further you need to be playing regularly & not stagnating in U23s or a subs bench

Coops is our number 1 & no doubt he wants to stay in that position

If & when the time comes for him to move on he will want to go to a club that will guarantee him regular football not a club that wants him just as a squad filler & a game once in a while

Coops is not daft- the world is is oyster & he is a very grounded young man - he knows the club inside & out & knows we will continue to nurture, develop & push him to realise the exceptional talent he has

One day he may leave Argyle but he will leave for the right reasons & will go with our blessing
Dec 17, 2005
Jimsing ,
So you would take a risk, and let Michael Cooper run his contract down. The longer his contract, the better prospect of a good deal for Argyle. Cooper could run his contract down, and get more money for himself, and possibly less for Argyle


Schuey Sponsor
Apr 22, 2006
There is also the bird in the hand consideration. A couple of million in January with add ons or risk nothing in 18 months were he to have a serious injury.
Feb 8, 2005
I've not mentioned contracts.

Contracts will be offered when the time is right, and when the recipient is worthy of an increase in wage.
There will be no doubt that new contracts will be offered, as and when the Club see fit to offer him a pay rise, and also taking into account when his current contract would expire.

Cooper will be in no rush to move from Argyle's first team to be on the bench of another club. It will not be in his interest to leave Argyle until he feels that Argyle have taken him as far as they can, and that a move to another club would improve him further.

Be sure that when that time comes, Argyle would have ensured that financial compensation would be maximised by the remaining length of his contract.

The Argyle staff are no mugs to this scenario.