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Playing squad 2021/2022 & pre-season games + minutes

Sep 25, 2010
We have 21 professional first team squad members. 3 of them are goalkeepers, which leaves 18 outfield players.

Think that is very light, probably needs at least another 3/4 players, probably midfield, and up front.


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Oct 31, 2010
The squad depth is worrying thin and you'd hope that some loans are on the way.
We currently have 15 fit outfield players and this includes Randell, Tomlinson and Law.

Last season we started with 26 players (including 3 keepers plus Randell, Tomlinson, Law and Cleal), Randell did go out on loan and just after the season started we added Opoku and Abraham. In total we had 4 loan players before the window closed.
So with Randell gone on loan we had 27 players last season which would have covered any Covid issues.

For this season we currently have 20 players( or 21 if you include Pursall) which isn't enough.