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Playing squad 2021/2022 & pre-season games + minutes

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Apr 3, 2013
1 Michael Cooper
23 Luke McCormick
25 Callum Burton - new signing from Cambridge United

2 James Bolton - new signing, undisclosed fee from Portsmouth
3 Macaulay Gillesphey - new signing from Brisbane Roar
5 James Wilson - new signing from Ipswich Town
6 Dan Scarr - new signing from Walsall
22 Brendan Galloway - new signing from Luton Town.
27 Ryan Law - new contract offer accepted
37 Brandon Pursall
41 Ollie Tomlinson - new contract offer accepted

4 Jordan Houghton - new signing from MK Dons.
7 Ryan Broom - season long loan from Peterborough.
8 Joe Edwards - also wing-back. New contract offer accepted.
10 Danny Mayor - new contract offer accepted.
15 Conor Grant - new contract offer accepted.
20 Adam Randell
28 Panutche Camara
32 George Cooper - also wing-back

9 Ryan Hardie
11 Niall Ennis
31 Luke Jephcott - new two-year contract.

24 Oscar Massey, 26 Oscar Rutherford, 29 Angel Waruih, 36 Finley Craske, 38 Ethan Mitchell, 42 Rhys Shirley.

Pre-season games
Plymouth Parkway 1 - 5. Goals: Galloway, Jephcott, Hardie (pen], Camara, Rutherford.
Elburton Villa Tuesday 6 July, away, an Argyle Academy fixture. Postponed.
Saltash United 0-7. Goals: Ennis 2, Hardie 2, Grant, Camara, Shirley.
Bristol Rovers 1-1. Goal: Jephcott (pen).
Swansea City 1-2. Goal: Hardie.
Middlesbrough 1-2. Goal: Gillesphey.
Tavistock 0-0.
Bristol City 0-1.
Torquay United 0-3. Goals: Ennis, Camara, Hardie.

Pre-season minutes on the pitch
Not including injury time. Up to & including Torquay United.
Michael Cooper 416
Luke McCormick 90
Callum Burton 214
James Bolton 0
Macaulay Gillesphey 351
James Wilson 433
Dan Scarr 571
Brendan Galloway 349
Ryan Law 420
Brandon Pursall 123
Ollie Tomlinson 307
Jordan Houghton 278
Joe Edwards 573
Danny Mayor 475
Conor Grant 331
Adam Randell 314
Panutche Camara 488
George Cooper 0
Ryan Hardie 379
Niall Ennis 319
Luke Jephcott 423
Finley Craske 142
Rhys Shirley 187

Hardie 5
Ennis 3
Camara 3
Jephcott 2
Galloway 1
Gillesphey 1
Rutherford 1
Shirley 1
Grant 1
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Jul 3, 2006
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slingsby_pobble":2pdyqfw2 said:
Should Aimson be on the list?

I'm confused now. On another thread it doesn't say that Ben Reeves is out of contract this summer. :think:


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Feb 24, 2007
Reeves and Aimson are both OOC
Feb 8, 2005
Playing squad for 21/22 depends on the additions to the squad that Lowe can get with the playing budget that he is given by Hallett. Will the Events put on by the Club during the summer break be able to increase the playing budget by any significant figure?

If we can make use of the hospitality facilities in the grandstand during the first half of the season, then Lowe may find he will be able to have an extra sum of money for adding to the squad during the January transfer period, which could be a big bonus.

Numbers will also be dependent on quality.

Would Lowe prefer to have two players for each position, as he has done so far, or would he be able to get away with less numbers, but better quality players, who would have higher wages, hence lower numbers in the squad? If this was the case he would have to get players who could play in more than one position to give that extra cover needed during the course of the season.

Interesting Summer of negotiations to come, me thinks.
May 3, 2016
Let's see what Dewsnip comes up with?

If he advised on this years signings then he has got it wrong, if it get's it wrong next season it could be thank you and good bye.


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Dec 30, 2004
This year's signings have not done that well.....need to do better next season else up the road for the lot of em..

davie nine

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Jan 23, 2015
It is worth mentioning that, of the 5 pre-season permanent signings in 2020, 3 (Nouble, Reeves and McLeod) were only given one year contracts.
Only G Cooper and Camara were given longer contracts so, at least, he realised that the other 3 were a bit of a risk.
Jul 6, 2011
davie nine":2cjtgi51 said:
It is worth mentioning that, of the 5 pre-season permanent signings in 2020, 3 (Nouble, Reeves and McLeod) were only given one year contracts.
Only G Cooper and Camara were given longer contracts so, at least, he realised that the other 3 were a bit of a risk.

And the later half of the season Camara was bloody awful, fitsnstarts not good enough. The man needs consistency.
Sep 8, 2013
Well, we do have an XI now, if no bench.





davie nine

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Jan 23, 2015
RL says Law has committed and will sign next week so we should have one of the 12 for the bench.


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Aug 17, 2005
Okay we all have players we would like to see some of them that have played for us previously others that are free agents. So the question is what team would you like to see next season using the players we have and free agents. I have gone for four at the back which could change as players used in various positions
Threkheld stearman Wilson law/grant
Randall Edwards
Mayor/baxter Cooper/Carey

Yes ready for incoming

Metal Green Mickey

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Mar 14, 2009
Look Carey was a top player. However, people have short memories. The season we got relegated he was very average. And that’s me being kind.

I’m grateful for the wonderful seasons before this but he is past history. People are living on distorted memories because they wiped/erased his final year with us.

It’s like Adams. Because of how well he is doing with Morecambe and maybe they become league one outfit, which l think they will because Adams will be motivated by some unfinished business with Ellison and his celebration.

However even if he gets them promoted it doesn’t re-write history. It doesn’t rewrite the fact we couldn’t win at HP on a Tuesday evening. It doesn’t re-write the fact we shipped in 80 goals in his final season. It doesn’t rewrite the fact his tactics were to stop teams from playing. So much so he substitute another left back in at left midfield in order for us to try and hold onto a win. It doesn’t stop the fact the Taylor was often isolated on his own and we relied heavily on one moment of Carey or Lameiras magic to win the game. Then we’d sit back to hold on for grim death. It doesn’t stop the fact the football was ****.

All this looking in the past is strange. They moved on or we moved on for a reason. Maybe because this club hasn’t been successful that anything good that’s happened we hold onto it for grim death. However, we will get new heroes. And they will move on to. If we want and obtain championship football our new heroes will be better than Carey and Lameiras but they will be put always of a proud past.