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Old Plymouth photos. Please join in.

Ottawa Green

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Sep 18, 2003
Ottawa, Canada
My mother worked there in 1967/68 for Plymouth Social Services.



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Mar 22, 2020
Indeed it is. My mum's house on Bodmin Road is right on the corner of the bottom left of the picture. Must have been taken in the 60s as Carlisle Road hadn't been built yet (which was there when we moved to Bodmin Road in '77)
I was at 155 Bodmin Rd, watched them build Carlisle Rd from our back garden. Used to climb on the diggers when the builders went home!

Bovey Green lady

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Apr 29, 2019
The Civic Centre photo brings back special memories for me. For 18 years, my Dad's office was in the Council House building on the far left of the photo.
Had my first date here with the lady who became my wife shortly before the name change from the Royal to the ABC.
In those days there were no sessions with an A and B film running one after the other. You went in when you arrived and if seats were available. Oldies like me will remember arriving half way through a film seeing the end, sitting through the next film and the the first half of the film you saw earlier. This was a regular occurrence for me on week day dates because my then girl friend lived in Millbrook we had to get her to the last Cremyll ferry.

True love saw us through it. :)
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